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A place to find everything you need for your beloved animal friends

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Feed for animals, garden items, agricultural products and for fans of aquarium: this and much more you will find at Nature di Silvestro a Messina. Here you can also buy animals from apartment which dogs, fish e birds of different breeds.


Animal feed, garden items and more. In Messina, a store of natural products

By animal feed to garden items, Nature Pet Shop by Sylvester will satisfy the desires of lovers of animals. Passion and love for our two and four-legged friends pushes Francesco to found in 1995 a Messina an activity dedicated to the world animal. The owner, in fact, recognized breeder of r, puts together with his staff all his experience at the service of animal welfare. The assortment of feed selected, for example, is always the subject of scrupulous evaluations and collaborations with guaranteed manufacturers. Even the garden items they are subject to the same controls.


Feed for animals and garden items for those who want to take care of the home environment at 360 degrees

Feed to animals e garden items are part of the vast assortment proposed by messinese shop. Nature Pet Shop, in particular, takes into account the nutritional principles necessary for our faithful four-legged friends. In fact, the company's vision is based on the diffusion of one correct food culture also in the education of ours pets. For this reason, the shop offers, in addition to foods, croquettes e alimony to animals selected, too nutritional and behavioral suggestions. In addition to products for animals, here you can find garden items of great quality, useful for protecting the health of your plants. Adama-Kollant, for example, it is a guaranteed product to protect the environment and can also be used by non-professional users.


Agricultural and aquarium products in Messina: at Natura you will find garden accessories and organic items

Thanks to a constantly updated staff, the store has a great competence in the field of feed in the field ornithological and dell 'Aquarium. Here you can in fact confront yourself with a staff of rare experience, always able to provide you with the most appropriate advice for the maintenance of your aquarium. And you will receive directions on how to treat fish inside their aquatic home. Even the distribution of agricultural products carried out a Messina da Nature of Sylvester, Presents biological options attentive to environmental impacts.


Only the best brands for feeds and accessories in Messina and the possibility of admiring many beautiful puppies

Da Nature of Sylvester find the best food, feed and food to animals on the market. In fact, there are brands such as Eukanuba, Royal Canin, Purina, Oasy, Monge, Vetline, Natural Code. It's still Acana, Force 10, Farmina Exclusion, Hill's, Tetra, Bayer, Ferplast, Ferribiella e Trixie. Also, here you will get in touch with puppies of different breeds you can take home with you. And start a new journey of love to nourish with the right products.


  • Address: Via Consular Pompea, 1461
  • City: Messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98166
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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