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How to take care of your furry friends.

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The care of yours hairy friends is the mission of the center of Pet feed di Messina. Here you will find articles for your four-legged friends ranging from food for animals up to the products for their well-being.

Mangimi e Prodotti per Animali Domestici: il Regno dei vostri pelosi a Messina

Kennels, pet carriers, leashes, litter, feed e croccantini: articles for pets disponibili presso il Negozio a Messina they are aimed at the well-being and happiness of yours four-legged friends. A large assortment of croquettes, feed e animal feed it accompanies products designed for their health. Dental sticks, cages, mats and drugs for the prevention of fleas and ticks: animal lovers will find everything they need to take care of their friends here.

Pet foods enriched with Vitamins and Fibers: feeds that strengthen health

Food and food to animals How croquettes, bocconcini enriched with vitamins and professional feed to dogs che partecipano a gare sono accuratamente selezionati presso il Shop. In fact, there are numerous brands of foods, feed e enriched foods with Vitamins e fibers for the well-being of your 4-legged friends. Among them: Monge and Morando, but also Nutrena and Raggio di Sole bocconcini proposed combine goodness with genuine ingredients and health benefits of dogs and cats, but also rabbits e rodents.

Scented hay for your rabbits and Products for the Hygiene and Cleaning of dogs, cats and birds

Chicken nuggets and turkey, dental health items like tooth sticks, vitaminized food for pets, ready-to-use foods, snacks and croquettes. Even your rabbits and rodents receive special care, thanks to products designed specifically for them. For example, you will find here tricioli and a special natural meadow-scented hay. Among the products for cleaning and hygiene, you have a wide assortment of bedding, sleepers, absorbent mats, shampoo and many others.

Seeds for parrots and canaries and Feed for water turtles

Cages for canaries, seeds for parrots and birds generally, feed to water turtles. Medicines and health products, treatment for prevention of fleas e ticks. The best Brands dedicated to animals are available for you here: Monge, Morando, Stuzzy, Vitakraft, Nutrena, Vadigran, Raggio di sole, Ekofish, Beafar, Advantix and many others. Courtesy and love for yours hairy friends are the added value that make this shop one of the most appreciated by lovers of animals.


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