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Pruning Gardens and the best of Medicinal Plants.

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Garden maintenance, Phytotherapy, Gardening, Pruning e Irrigation systems they are activities that aim at the well being of plants e fiori. But not only: the Herbal Medicine, in particular, it aims to get the best out of nature for generating Medical plants with exceptional beneficial properties. TO Genoa , there is a reality that excels in all these activities and many others: its name is Tim's Garden.

"Tim's Garden" Gardens and Herbal Medicine Maintenance - Gardening Services in Genoa

Garden maintenance, Phytotherapy, Pruning of Trees, Treatments of Tall plants, realization of Projects for Gardens they are all operations that require a high degree of meticulousness, preparation and accuracy to guarantee excellent results and ensure the wellbeing of plants, fiori and of the people who use it. Tim's Garden offers a very wide range of services Gardening a Genoa which include these and many other types of treatments.

Garden maintenance and tree pruning - treatment of tall trees and treatments for mites, fungi and viruses

Garden maintenance represents only a small part of the interventions performed a Genoa da Tim's Garden. Pruning, Treatment phytosanitary of plants, Care for diseases that affect them due to mites, mushrooms and viruses, Treatments of High plants Frame they are added to the realization of plants Irrigation and implementation of Projects for Gardens.

Phytotherapy and phytosanitary treatment for plants - Tim's Garden takes care of plants and people

La Phytotherapy is an activity that aims to maintain the mental well-being of the person using Medical plants or of their extracts for the treatment of illness. Very ancient practice that has been handed down to our days, the Phytotherapy it is another strategic sector in which Tim's Garden it's at Genoa , a reference point. Even the plants have all the attention and care necessary thanks to the Phytosanitary treatments that aim to protect and grow in the best possible way plants e flowers.

Gardening Services, Irrigation Systems and Gardens

If you wish to have a well-kept and luxuriant garden, in which to spend regenerating hours in relax in contact with the nature, you can rely with the utmost trust in the works of Tim's Garden, which has always been a Genoa deals with designing and making wonderful Gardens, with annexes Irrigation systems. All services of Gardening offered by Tim's Garden are inspired by criteria of beauty, harmony and quality of the materials used.


  • City: Genoa
  • Region: GE
  • Region: Liguria
  • Country: Italy


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