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The Electric Bike Rental is easyfastfunnythanks to FuturEnergy

E-Bike: the eco-sustainable electric bike that takes you far away

Il rental di Electric Bike promises to bring a breath of freshness and dynamism in the way of moving around the city. To read, sustainable, flexible and environmentally friendly, the electric bikes they can take us far away and help us keep fit. THEat first e-bike is produced in the 2001, from Apache Bicycles and born from the will of four enthusiasts, active in the sector since the beginning of the free market in the Czech Republic.
The first is presented in the 2008 e-Bike and in 10 years Apache Bicycles becomes one of the industry leaders in Central Europe.
The current assortment of Pedal assisted bicycles is the result of a fruitful collaboration started with the company Damil Components with the intention of expanding its market on the Italian territory. To date the collection of Electric Bike boasts 27 different muscle models and 55 eBike, ranging from the comfortable City Bike to the most equipped mountain eBike.

I numeroussurprisingadvantageousbenefits of E-bikes

Farewell to Fuel

No more astronomical costs for petrol and fuel. You no longer have to stop at the distributors. Who rents one e-bike save, because ours bike they recharge with theelectric energy. And with a refill you can travel many kilometers. 

No more city traffic

Le e-bike they are slim and agile. Thanks to their use, city traffic will no longer be a problem. You will no longer be stuck in endless traffic jams and you will arrive at your destination quickly and in complete tranquility.

A cure-all for Health

Le Electric bicycles they help you do sport and keep fit. Thanks to E-bike rental you will have an extra ally to keep yourself healthy and increase your well-being. And they will make you discover many new places.

Characteristics of the Electric Bike Operative Rental

Futurenergy proposes, for all e-bike of its catalog, a system of Operational rental easy, fast and efficient.

Il operational rental is an alternative formula to purchase and lease that allows you to have the availability for a fixed duration of goods and services. All behind the upon payment of a small periodic fee. The comfort of the Operational rental consists in the security of a transparent and consolidated system. All the actors in the field benefit from it: both who takes the good or rental service, be the lessor who is the real owner of the good. 

Futurenergy uses this simple and efficient system to allow everyone to use one Electric bicycleWith use of Operational rental. At extremely affordable prices, you will have the opportunity to choose from countless models, from the City Bike up to MTB, according to your needs.

Among the models available, you will find, for example, the Bi Max Bike, a clever combination of comfort, design and performance.

Comfort and stability are two other distinctive features of ours Electric Bike, thanks to cutting-edge technologies such asspring shock absorber on the frame. The spring technology, in fact, guarantees consistency in performance and maximum sensitivity even to cushion the slightest impacts. Maximum safety is also guaranteed on off-road terrain thanks to the wheels that give the vehicle full stability on all types of terrain.

Eco-sustainable bikes

Environmentally friendly, the Electric bikes they do not pollute the environment. They are silent and take you everywhere.

No RCA or Auto Stamp

Le electric bikes they also save you on the stamp and insurance, because they are exempt by law from their payment.
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