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Care and Discretion for your deceased loved ones

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Roman Funeral Honors supports you at Venetico, Messina, during all the phases that will bring your loved ones to their last journey, putting at your disposal more than a decade of experience in the field, thanks to a family tradition handed down over the years.


Roman Funeral Home - The right choice for the care of your loved ones in Venetico, Messina

Roman Funeral Honors is present from the 1983 on the territory of Messina and deals with the care and accuracy of the provision of diligent, innovative and professional services funeral field. The staff, led by the manager Giuseppe Romano, will know how to take care of your loved ones, organizing the funeral rite under all points of view, starting with handling procedures and setting up the hall until the deceased is dressed, making their last trip as peaceful as possible.


Funeral Services and much more with Roman Funeral Honors in Venetico

Funeral and Funeral Services which are supplied in a personalized manner according to the specific needs of each client. The firm Romano also deals with its customers for its customers funeral practices, transportation corpses at national and international level, drafting and printing of obituaries, with commemorative phrases that will pay homage in the most respectful way possible to the life of your dear deceased. The company also supplies a ambulance service, recovery and dressing of bodies and transport to funeral chamber.


Onoranze Funebri Romano is also Funeral Rent and Transportation Salme

THEfuneral agency di Giuseppe Romano has a car rental service, which provides companies and individuals: Mercedes, Jaguar e Mercedes Benz vans Vito will be available for your ceremony, with a dedicated and timely service of body transfer. The furnishings of the rooms are also accurate and discreet mortuary rooms that make use of candlesticks, biers, backdrops, rosettes e floral decorations.


Discretion, Confidentiality and Technological Instruments from Roman Funeral Honors

Among the different types of treatments for the care of your loved ones, the staff of Giuseppe Romano provides the services of burial ed Estumulazione and, if requested alternatively, also of the Cremazione of the deceased. The staff of Giuseppe Romano is among the first to Messina which deals with this particular processing practice of the deceased, which provides incineration to the body remains and subsequent collection within aurn, which will remain with relatives. The staff will follow you with courtesy and professionalism step by step, from handling procedures to the ceremony, guaranteeing you a satisfactory service, in respect of your mourning on such a delicate day.


  • Address: Via Nazionale 275, Venetico
  • City: Messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98040
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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