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Take care of yourself and your trust in the Fitness Professionals

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ASD Star Gym Fitness Center, Via E. Fermi in 20 Messina, Boasts an offer of courses, equipment and professionals Fitness unique throughout the city. Preparation and advice are used with excellence Gym, Posture, Fitness and courses of all kinds, including the Personal DefenceFor amazing results. Also enters you in the Family Star Gym Fitness Center.


ASD "Star Gym" Fitness Center in Messina - Fitness tailored

ASD "Star Gym" in Messina it's a Fitness Center professional and equipped that has a loyal customer base and satisfied with the results obtained from programs Fitness Personalized advice and careful and expert in the field. Take advantage of a Fitness centre full competence in exercises Posture correction, of fun but effective Zumba classes, dance and useful Courses for Personal Defence open to all. 


ASD "Star Gym" Fitness Center - Equipment and Professionals

ASD "Star Gym" Fitness Center is a Gym among the best in Messina, Located near the center of the city of the Strait. If you value your form or are looking for a solution to recover the most of your appearance, or simply looking for a pastime, a pastime that combines business with pleasure, then the ASD Fitness Center "Star Gym" It is the place for you. A team of experts and professionals Personal Trainer It will follow with competence and joy in your Preparations Athletic or simply in your path with tips and gymnastics, with the help of the most efficient and modern equipment in the world Fitness, Accompanied by a staff can offer personalized advice as part of the Sports Nutrition ed Impedenziometria


ASD "Star Gym" Fitness Center - Gym, Posture Correction and Personal Defense

Fitness centerprestige in the city of Messina, ASD Star Gym It offers everyone the opportunity to entrust their body and their fitness to experts Fitness, Who have experience and expertise in the field. Fitness centre equipped with machinery and latest technology, Star Gym ASD It is also a center specialized in Posture correction and a meeting and fun place with its energetic and entertaining courses. Star Gym ASD "Fitness Center" and also:

Body Building, Cardio Fitness, Circuit Training, Modern Dance for Adults and Children, Fit and Fit Ball Rebound, Suspension, Toning, Key Boxing Walk and Exercise. Train your body with Courses Defense held by specialized professionals.


ASD "Star Gym" Fitness Center in Messina - For your Fitness or Your Time of Quality

Star Gym ASD Fitness Center, Via E. Fermi in 20 Messina, Is the ultimate in consulting and professionalism in Fitness for every need. Thanks to the equipped rooms and above all to an expert and competent staff you will have everything you need to get back to your perfect shape or simply dedicate quality time to yourself. Not only Fitness centre with Courses for all tastes and needs, ASD Star Gym It is also experience in gymnastics Posture, Aimed to fix your problems with specific exercises, Personalized Nutritional advice and exam Impedenziometria, For the measurement of body composition. For the welfare of your body, trust the professionalism of ASD Star Gym Fitness Center in Messina


  • Address: Via E. Fermi 20
  • City: Messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98124
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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