Bakery Gastronomy by Marcella Mendolia - Palermo

All the pleasure of bread and baked cookies

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to Marcella MendoliaIn Via Antonino Bova 20 / 22 in Palermo, is Bakery fragrant and full of tasty specialties. In addition a Gastronomy assortment is completed by Deli e biscuit factory every day churns out delicious sweets.


Marcella bakery Mendolia Gastronomy in Palermo - Fresh bread All Days

Bakery and Gastronomy Mendolia in Palermo an oven that daily delight with its specialty loyal clientele. The fragrance and the smell of bread is the fruit of daily experience and professionalism Bakery MendoliaWhich, thanks to expertise in mash and yeast can give the bread a genuine taste and rich in tradition. Marcella Mendolia prepares its Bakery e biscuit factory also Gastronomy quality, as well as Deli for a quick meal.


Mendolia gastronomy food bakery in Palermo - Kindness of tantalizing Gastronomy

Bakery Gastronomy Marcella Mendolia It is in via Antonino Bova to Palermo il Bakery of confidence in the district. Only Fresh bread, only quality ingredients, processing only genuine: the oven Mendolia It offers a rich and tasty variety of bread but also of GastronomyWhich offers daily with delicious treats and for all tastes. For a Lunch Break, for a tasty try the Break Gastronomy di Mendolia bakery in Palermo.


Gastronomy Mendolia bakery in Palermo - Biscuit and Rotisserie

Bakery e Gastronomy taste and smell unique to Palermo, Mendolia is also a biscuit factory delicious. So many recipes, so many ingredients and so much goodness: cookies Bakery Mendolia They are made to suit every palate and give little moments of taste in every break of your day. And for a quick lunch break or a dinner with friends? The Bakery and Deli Marcella Mendolia also it offers a Deli matched with pieces of good tradition of Palermo and Sicily.


Bakery Gastronomy Marcella Mendolia in Palermo - A furnace Love and Taste

Bakery Gastronomy Marcella MendoliaIn Via Antonino Bova 20 / 22 in Palermo, It is goodness in Fresh Bread and Gastronomy for all tastes. In addition a Deliproduced every day at the whole tradition of the Street Food Palermo. At any time of the day so you can enjoy the food fragrant, good, made with love and fresh ingredients. And what's better than the sweetness of a biscuit factory to add flavor to a mernda or a little break? Experience the fragrance, the taste and the scent of freshly baked bread of Bakery Gastronomy Marcella Mendolia in Palermo


  • Address: Via Antonino Bova, 20 / 22
  • City: Palermo
  • POSTAL CODE: 90145
  • Province: PA
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


  • Phone: 091 7630433
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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