Panificio Gastronomia "Il Fornaio Pasticciere" - Palermo

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Bakery and Gastronomy known for the many delicacies that he prepares every day, "The Baker Bakery" to Palermo delight your eyes and your palate with savory and sweet delicacies for years, first dishes, rustic, cookies and the best products of Sicilian cuisine.


Bakery and Gastronomy: all the nuances of taste from "Il Fornaio Pasticciere" in Palermo

Bakery historical, Gastronomy e Pastries which bears witness to the most genuine Sicilian and Italian culinary tradition, "The Baker Bakery"embodies a Palermo the place where to find delicacies prepared to whet all the palates. Near the Giotto parking, is in business by 1968, delighting the palate of young and old with a very wide range of goodness: from bakery products ai desserts, up to first dishes and rustic, the products you will find here are designed and cooked giving priority to taste and genuineness.


Panificio Gastronomia "Il Fornaio Pasticciere" - Takeaway Gastronomic Products

The experts bakers e confectioners present at "The Baker Bakery"have a love for good food in the DNA: a love cultivated and strengthened by years of experience, practice and experimentation in the creation of dishes that are always more good and at the same time respectful of tradition, under the enthusiastic guidance of the owner, Giuseppe Burrafato, offer you every day a rich assortment of goodness: cookies e pan-based products, Besides Takeaway gourmet products as: baked pasta, cannelloni, lasagna, salmon pudding, bucatini pasta with broccoli in a pan, selected meat and fish main courses. Furthermore, among the specialty of the place, the delicious ones Casarecce at the beach.


Bakery Delicatessen and more: Biscottificio, Dry and Classic Pastry

The success of the Bakery "The Baker Bakery"is largely due to the use of quality raw materials for the preparation of all bakery products, all the first and second courses, as well as all the dishes pastries, both fresh and delicious dry pastries, like the delicious ones Almond paste. appreciated biscuit, prepare delicious cookies that sometimes come in innovative variants, or with organic ingredients.


Typical Sicilian Pastry: from Cassata to Crostate

Each Pasticceria Siciliana self-respecting must know how to prepare one of the best known Sicilian desserts. We are talking about the Cassata, which here, at "The Baker Bakery"of Palermo you will also find in the baked version. The goodness of the place can also be enjoyed during the special days of the year: the Pastry baker it is in fact open during all the holidays to offer you the best of Sicilian delicacies. Together with the numerous products of confectionery e gastronomy, this is another excellent reason why customers love this so much Bakery.


  • Address: Via Galileo Galilei, 19
  • City: Palermo
  • POSTAL CODE: 90145
  • Region: PA
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy

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