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Parrot Mania, In Via Verdi in 57 Messina, It is provided and assorted Pet Shops and Training Parrots. Specializing in Ornithology, Parrot Mania It born from the passion of Jessica Scimone for the animal world, which is dedicated to a range of Accessories & Feed, especially for birds, of which Parrot Mania care also Breeding and Training.


Parrot Mania Parrots in Messina - Specialized in Ornithology

Parrot Mania It is the ideal meeting place for lovers of animals, especially for fans of birds of various species. Thanks to the deep dedication to the world of 'Ornithology, and mainly for the various species of the family of parrots, Parrot Mania It offers high competence and professionalism in weaning and in 'Training Parrots: Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Parakeets and Conures

It ranges from the choice of the couple, the period suitable mating, spawning, hatching natural or artificial, the weaning of children who are then brought up with great care and accustomed to contact with humans. All played with passion and dedication.


Accessories and Feed for Animals Parrot Mania - Assortment of Best Brands

Shop for Accessories with Animals & Feed, Parrot Mania It offers a comprehensive range of quality products and the best brands, as well as everything necessary for the care and maintenance of your pets. In addition, you get assistance and advice, the result of long experience and professionalism available to customers to ensure the best conditions for breeding and maintenance of animals. You will also find a wide range of feed, various accessories and tools for your animals, as Cages, aviary Games (Including wood), Leashes etc: everything for birds but also for dogs, cats and more.

Thanks to the wide assortment and the careful selection of the best manufacturers in the industry (Psittacus - Versele Laga - Orlux - Nekton - Raff), You will find at Parrot Mania, you can meet your every need.


Parrot Mania - Weaning and Breeding Training Birds and Parrots

Parrot Mania is a professional passion became a reality, dedicated to animals and birds in particular. In a fully equipped, pleasant and friendly Jessica Scimone will put at your disposal his experience and his knowledge about pet products, specializing in Ornithology. A thorough and effective care in 'breeding of birds, and in 'Training Parrots of the different species in particular, make Parrot Mania company among the most competent and specialized industry. Parrot Mania therefore it represents an important reference point for breeders, amateurs, and enthusiasts ParrotsFrom whom they will find competence, professionalism, consulting, hospitality and courtesy.


Pet Shops and Parrots Parrot Mania in Messina - Passion and Professionalism at your service

Parrot Mania is Pet Shops and Training Parrots in Messina. Located in the heart of the city of the Strait, in Via Verdi 57 at Parrot Mania your little animal will find everything they need with Accessories & Feed of different brands, chosen from the best in the industry. Care, experience and professionalism are made available to customers and also in weaning Training of Parrots of different species, for which breeding It is particularly well equipped and competent. Please contact Parrot Mania in MessinaSynonymous with quality, professionalism and security.


  • Region: Sicilia
  • Country: Italy

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