"Arianna" Hair Prosthesis

True and synthetic wigs to give back a smile.

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"Arianna Wigs" a GenoVa It provides Chemotherapy Wigs, Implants for Hair for men and women, Infoltitori, bandanas e toupees, using both hair true that synthetic. Ideal for the Change Look, are also suitable for those suffering from Alopecia or other diseases that require the use of measures to disguise them.


Wigs Chemotherapy and Prosthetic Hair - Arianna improves your look in Genoa

Le Wigs di Arianna a GenoVa they are designed and made to change and improve your look and, in particular, are dedicated to all those who suffer from diseases that make it necessary to use aesthetic devices to mask the loss of hair. Arianna offers Chemotherapy Wigs, Infusers, Prosthesis for hair for Man e Woman, using both real hair and synthetic. The activity has a reserved environment that guarantees maximum privacy to our customers.


Prostheses for Hair and Wigs Chemotherapy - Arianna provides Infusers, Bandanas and Toupers for Men and Women

Le Chemotherapy Wigs they constitute an extremely delicate article to be treated, precisely because they are destined to people who suffer and they need to find smiles and positivity, together with a new look. Arianna Wigs, thanks to its ultra-year experience of over 40 years, it is specialized in assisting people during the period post-chemotherapy welcoming the customer with courtesy, empathy and offering maximum support. It also offers numerous bandanas, Toupet, Prosthetics for Hair and has a huge assortment of wigs woman, man child, in hair synthetic o natural Remy-hair. It also deals with maintenance.


Arianna Parrucche in Genoa is a family-run craft business

Arianna Wigs is a company a craft vocation handed down from mother to daughter: already in the years' 70 counted numerous stores throughout the Liguria. Today it is a reference point GenoVa and not just because he knew how to keep it craftsmanship, but because he united you innovation and evolution. Currently, after more than 40 years of activity, Arianna Wigs always offers products of the highest quality, which reflect the trends of the moment with colors e cutting edge. The privileged is the Made in Italy, but at the same time they are proposed news coming from all over the world.


At Arianna Parrucche you will find a relaxing and discreet environment

Arianna Wigs puts at your disposal the spaces that guarantee maximum privacy: here you will find competence, discretion, empathy and maximum support. All the Wigs to Man e Woman, including those chemotherapy, guarantee maximum comfort and maximum fit. It will be just like having gods real hair.


  • Address: Corso Buenos Aires, 16 / 1
  • City: GenoVa
  • POSTAL CODE: 16129
  • Region: GE
  • Region: Liguria
  • Country: Italy

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