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Since 1928 Laboratory of Pastry, Confectionery Typical Sicilian Artisan Ice Cream and Chocolate

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Pastry Lorino, in Viale Boccetta is. 355 a Messina,it's a Laboratory of Pastry valuable and Typical Sicilian pastry, Artisan Gelato, Chocolate. Pastry Lorinohas always produced the most delicious delicacies with traditional techniques in a family environment that is characterized by friendliness and courtesy.


Pastry Lorino in Messina - Laboratory of Pastry 

Pastry Lorinoin Viale Boccetta is.355 to MessinaFrom 1928 is  Laboratory of Pastry valuable and Typical Sicilian pastry, Real landmark in the City of the Straits for all those who love the goodness and gluttony. Moreover, for all those who wish to enjoy the Confectionery and Sicilian specialties Typical Messinesi, Pastry Lorino devotes a large assortment of Typical Sicilian pastry with Cassata, Cannoli, the Pulp of Mandolas and cakes in marzipan. Always attentive to the quality of the products, since the selection of raw materials use, the Pastry Lorino handed down from father to son a Tradition confectionery and a passion in the work that distinguishes all of confectionery creations Pastries, Which are used to create handcrafted by expert hands. 

During the Holidays, such as Christmas and Easter, Laboratory Pastry Lorino offers classic desserts of the Parties and the Typical Pastry area of  Sicilian tradition packaged to perfection: rich Christmas baskets and Easter eggs decoratissime craft, ideal as a gift for your loved ones. Quality and professionalism of Pastry Lorino, Messina, Is constantly affirmed by its loyal customers, which continues to choose his craft products with confidence. 


Pastry Lorino in Messina - Artisan Ice Cream and Chocolate

Pastry Lorino, Messina, Is not only a Laboratory of Pastry valuable and Typical Sicilian pastry, but also Artisan ice cream e Chocolate. Enjoy all the goodness of the true Homemade ice cream: Commodities only carefully selected to maintain high quality standards and to ensure the quality of a product made with Experience and Passion. There Artisan ice cream di Pastry Lorino is really an added value to this Laboratory of Pastry di Messina: The ice cream made only with ingredients chosen with care and following recipes that preserve all the flavor and goodness of typical Tastes of Tradition as the refreshing Lemon, the delicious Gianduia, the chocolate made with real chocolate melted, the delight of the Kiss and all other flavors that represent the top of the Ice-cream shop. Furthermore, the Pastry Lorino and also CioccolateriaIn fact produces delicious chocolates in various shapes, eggs Chocolate exquisitely decorated, and is the main dealer and best producers of chocolate like Lindt, Majani, Sperlari, Baci Perugina and many others. 


Pastry Lorino in Messina - Experience and Passion

Pastry Lorinoin Viale Boccetta is.355 to Messina, boasts a multi-year history and an Experience in confectionery unrivaled, thanks to which his name is now Guarantee Quality and Professionalism. Each product is unique and prepared with care and passion by confectioners who hand down the Pastry Arts from father to son. From Laboratory Pastry Lorino out tasty cakes finely decorated, pastries and tea biscuits, not counting the Typical Pastry area of Sicilian tradition like Cassata, Cannoli, the Pulp of Mandolas and cakes in marzipan. La Pastry Lorinor also realizes the classic sweets of Feasts: the panettone, the dove, the chatter of the Carnival "morticini" for the Saints. Festivities will be more pleased with the Artisan bakery of Laboratory Pastry Lorino, Messina. 


Pastry Lorino in Messina - Confectionery, Ice Cream and Chocolate by 1928

Pastry Lorinoin Viale Boccetta is.355 to Messina,use of the valuable collaboration of pastry experts who, with skilled hands and craft techniques, realize creations pastries of all kinds to suit all tastes, even the most demanding.  The preparation of confectionery creations of Pastry Lorino is always accompanied by a careful selection of ingredients of the highest level and the highest hygiene standards and safety. 

Laboratory Pastry Lorino from 1928 realizza handcrafted cakes, various types of sweets, pastries, tea biscuits, chocolates and other confectionery creations with care and attention to always offer products of the highest quality. If you look at Messina un Laboratory of Pastry valuable and Typical Sicilian pastry, Artisan Gelato, Chocolate characterized by Experience, Quality and Professionalism, choose Pastry Lorino.

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  • Address: Viale Boccetta Is. 355, 65/67
  • City: Messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98122
  • Province: ME
  • Region: Sicilia
  • Country: Italy


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