Expert Valuables and Art "Lorenzo Andrianopoli"

Accuracy and reliability for our precious objects.

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Appraisals of Precious Objects and Art it is the area of ​​expertise in which the Doctor "Lorenzo Andrianopoli" di Genoa, expert expert whose skill and competence led him to lend his work throughout Liguria and Côte d'Azur.


Appraisals Precious Objects and Art: the delicate craft in which the "Lorenzo Andrianopoli" expert shines

Precious Objects and Works of Art they are riches whose value is difficult to evaluate, unless you rely on the skill and expertise of an expert professional. Lorenzo Andrianopoli excels throughout the Liguria for years in this field. In fact, he is an expert Perito e Precious estimator e Art, regularly registered in the register. Opera a GenoVa offering consultancy aimed at providing an accurate evaluation of precious objects, but his profound knowledge of the field led him to cross national borders, reaching up to Côte d'Azur.


Expert Valuables and Art "Lorenzo Andrianopoli" - Appreciated expert in Liguria and the French Riviera

Il "Dr. Lorenzo Andrianopoli" he is an expert in Precious Art and Art Expertise, regularly registered at the Chamber of Commerce and to the Court of Genova. Evaluations of Precious objects e Art performed by the "Lorenzo Andrianopoli" expert they are extremely reliable because the expert has shown, in the many years of activity, to have a deep knowledge of jewelry, silver, clocks and precious stones. There are not Precious objects for which he does not know how to give an accurate and precise evaluation. His fame, thanks to his skill, has come up in Côte d'Azur.


Expert Valuables and Art "Lorenzo Andrianopoli" - Accuracy and reliability in Genoa

The skill and experience of the professional it is always revealed by the accuracy and precision placed in the evaluation of every detail. There valuation of valuables it is a technique and an art that requires special attention and a profound analysis of details. For more information, the Expert Andrianopoli also owns a personal page on a site specifically dedicated to professionals of his caliber: Professionals register.


Lorenzo Andrianopoli - Opening of Security Boxes at Notaries and Expertise on Content

Le appraisals of Doctor Andrianopoli they are also requested in the case of opening of Safety deposit boxes at Notai. After opening, the Andrianopoli Expert will analyze the contents of the boxes to determine their value. His work is therefore essential even in the case of hereditary divisions. After evaluating and estimating Precious objects, Dr. Lorenzo Andrianopoli guarantees maximum privacy to its customers, without revealing to anyone the value of yours Precious and artwork object of his expert reports. Discretion and precision are his workhorses.


  • Address: Via Carducci, 5
  • City: GenoVa
  • POSTAL CODE: 16121
  • Region: GE
  • Region: Liguria
  • Country: Italy


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