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Notes Taste Via Chinn 32 / bc Palermo it's a Pizzeria that offers Pizza Menu e Giro Pizza in a cozy atmosphere, created by the experience of f.lli Balsano Villa Fragales, to enjoy all the goodness of Pizza craft.


Pizzeria Gusto notes in Palermo - Creativity

Notes Taste offers its customers a Pizza Menu original, for a Giro Pizza outside the box. The staff of Pizzeria creates true works of art: in Pizza Menu you can find pizzas from the curious dimensions, such as roses, square pizzas, dumplings, traditional, etc. for a Giro Pizza that amazes his guests for creativity. In this Pizzeria They work real craftsmen of Pizza!


Pizzeria Gusto notes in Palermo - Goodness assured

La Pizzeria Gusto Notes Via Chinn in Palermo it is a meeting point for enthusiasts Giro Pizza. The pizza makers of Pizzeria They are highly qualified and the main ingredient of each pizza is passion. There Pizzeria Gusto notes in Palermo using techniques of craftsmanship and high quality raw materials which make the Giro Pizza truly incomparable taste and lightness.


Pizzeria Gusto notes in Palermo - fragrant Pizzas

La Pizzeria Gusto Notes It offers only fresh and carefully selected ingredients, a soft and crunchy batter at the same time and an art to cooking rule for each entry in Pizza Menu. Their Pizzeria Gusto Notes a Palermo It is the ideal place to hold special events or simple dinners in the company. For the Giro Pizza, Select mozzarella, salami, long rising dough and exceptional quality flour. Let groped by the delicious Pizza Menu of Pizzeria Gusto Notes.


Pizzeria Gusto notes in Palermo - For pizza lovers

La Pizzeria Gusto Notes Via Chinn 32 / bc Palermo offers a rich Pizza Menu with many tastes, from classic to the most original. There Pizzeria It configures one of the best Palermo, Not only because of its delicious pizzas but also for punctuality and professionalism in the services table. Friendly staff and cute Notes Taste care of the needs of each client to make an impressive and unique Giro Pizza Socially, always full of taste and quality. Fancy a Giro Pizza? Choose the quality, freshness and efficiency of the service Pizzeria Gusto notes in Palermo.


  • Address: Via Domenico G. Chinn 32 / BC
  • City: Palermo
  • POSTAL CODE: 90129
  • Province: PA
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • VAT: 06510270827
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