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Pizza a Genoa : Toto and PeppinoIn the heart of Liguria, it's a restaurant that will make you feel in the city of Naples. In addition to the famous ones pizzas made second tradition, you find specialties in Casa del Neapolitan gastronomy.

Neapolitan pizza from Totò and Peppino: all the flavor of Mediterranean cuisine in Genoa

La Pizza it is one of those pleasures that everyone deserves to satisfy at least once in their life. From Toto and Peppino a Genoa , la good cooking is at home. And above all, you can enjoy thedough original of the Pizza: that which does not yield to the extreme variations of the contemporary cuisine. Fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella dop, Italian extra virgin olive oil it's a fragrant paste that melts in your mouth: the secret of daisy it's its majestic simplicity. The most authentic seasoning of restaurant, however, it is represented by the joy and passion of the owners.

The real Neapolitan pizza to try in Genoa: Totò and Peppino also thinks about the intolerant

La Pizza everyone's throat. However, those who developed agluten intolerance or lactose, or has undertaken alternative food choices, renounces it. From Totò a Peppino no longer needed: at the restaurant they can be consumed pizzas vegan, vegetarian and season with lactose-free products. Who is it intolerant All milk's proteins, for example, can taste the queen of the Neapolitan pizzas with delattosate mozzarellas without regretting the original. Furthermore, the dough contains little yeast and, consequently, it results very light and digestible.

PTakes Neapolitan takeaway in Genoa: Totò and Peppino also deliver to their homes

Il Restaurant it is also ideal for those who want to make a lunch fast and light: it is possible, in fact, to use the fixed price menu for only 10 euros. The venue is also suitable for a simple one breakfast seasoned with tasty treats or for quick snacks during the day, accompanied by the sympathy and familiarity that characterize the Neapolitan spirit. If you are looking for one Shore Excursions in Genoa, Toto and Peppino they also offer this service: you can order ours Neapolitan pizzas to be consumed at home, and upon request the Delivery.

Pizzeria Restaurant Toto and Peppino in Genoa - Discover the Goodness

Pizzeria Ristorante Toto and Peppino a Genoa it's the top if you're looking for the real Pizza. Our pizzaioli are highly qualified andingredients main of each flow it's our passion. You will be overwhelmed by the aromas, flavors and atmospheres of our beloved Naples.


  • Address: Via Archimede, 143
  • City: Genoa
  • POSTAL CODE: 16129
  • Region: GE
  • Region: Liguria
  • Country: Italy


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