The most effective Web Visibility offer ever seen

The solution PLATINUM FindWeb is the most complete and rich of the range of products designed by ours Startup for the Visibility of the Companies. It is a very effective combination of two exclusive web services of our portfolio intended for enhancement and visibility of companies: 
la Landing Page plus the subscription to our exclusive Club di Sharing for Companies.

Our Landing Page + Our Club to triple your contacts

Landing Page it's a real one MINI-SITE complete with all tools editorials e Multimedia typical of a website. Our Landing Page is structured to better present yours Company, your Products and Services but, above all, it is optimized in all aspects, content and multimedia, to be positioned on the Main Search Engines, Google primarily.

Characteristics of a Landing Page

  • Simplified navigation menu:

this for increase attention of the visitor, while browsing, and the ease of consultation. The human brain makes a decision in seconds, so the fewer distractions we offer, the more likely it is that the visitor will perform the exact action we want.

  • Concrete and immediate:

we will make sure that your Landing contains Phrases  Concise ed Actions  Clear for the visitor to do.
Also the Clarity in Design, tailor-made and graphically adapted to the theme of the company, product or service, is fundamental; therefore visually the page will be understandable and pleasant in navigation.

  • Tailor-made content:

we will offer content that is in line with the searches and interests your visitor has expressed. We are going to enrich and complete the contents of your Landing Page, to capture the 100% the attention of the potential customer.


Your Custom Domain

Each Landing Page"Landing page", is a real one web page complete multimedia, designed and structured in such a way as to attract visitors and convert them into contacts and potential customers. In addition, our Landing Page enjoys exclusive benefits like a Independent and customized domain.

You will basically have a real website optimized and cared for from every point of view, which will be pleasant to visit and very easy to navigate.

Advanced tools of
Digital Communication

As an integral part of your offer Platinum you will also have:
  • la mail electronics with personalized address;
  • il backup daily of yours Landing Page to safeguard all content;
  • Safety guaranteed against attempts at tampering, hacking and attacks by viruses;
  • il Certificate SSL, a security protocol designed to allow applications to transmit information safely and securely.

Protagonist Companies thanks to the Sharing Force

Our Club it is an exclusive sharing community digital focused on companies e professionals. Its operation is very similar to a social network from which it has drawn all the most useful and efficient aspects.
It is a priceless tool for retention of customers because, thanks to the integration of social with a real Sharing Community, allows you to share in an unlimited way: photo, video, ads, , Offers e promotions. You will thus have all the tools to maintain constant contact with your network. And you can organize initiatives and share them in real time with everyone. 
Sharing è sharing and it's right there sharing the winning idea behind the Club TrovaWeb.

We position you on Google

Your Landing Page it is specially studied and designed to develop specific topics in an interesting and aesthetically appealing way. But there is more.
All the are treated textual aspects, structural, multimedia e technicians in compliance with all the criteria necessary to ensure its positioning online on Search engine. These criteria are known as SEO, Search Engine Optimization, and are scrupulously respected to ensure that your Landing Page is properly indexed by Google and get a good ranking. Each of our Landing Page shows content optimized for concepts, keyword or clusters of keywords, studied and optimized by SEO experts who will know how to tell your story in the right way company to attract the attention of search engine

Ready for your Social Campaigns

La Platinum Solution offers you another extraordinary advantage. Let there be Landing Page and the Club they are, in fact, designed to allow you to start Social campaigns e Sponsorships.

So you can reach quickly and effectively thousands of contacts, also deciding the categories you want to reach. The Social campaigns in fact, they can be set according to your preferences, to reach the audiences you want, based on age, geographical area and many other filters that will allow you to reach whoever you want.

Platinum example

Social example

Our Best Business Card

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