Zappia Porte Corazzate - Messina

The perfect blend between industry and craftsmanship

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Zappia in Via G. La Farina 188 a Messina is an experienced Doors Battleships, armored doors opting for one Craft Craftsmanship as for the European lock and is at your complete disposal with the service of Emergency.

Zappia Porte Corazzate in Messina - state-of-the-art technologies

Zappia is always up to date on the latest novelties armored doors, this is why it guarantees innovative systems even when it comes to European lock. Strong of all the secrets of tradition, the firm of armored doors di Messina expands its range with state-of-the-art technologies for unparalleled results. Complete the picture of the accurate choice of materials: the steel used is in fact synonymous with non-deformable and safe structures that last over time.

Zappia Armored Doors in Messina - Craftwork

Zappia in Via G. La Farina a Messina has been able to combine industry and craftsmanship immediately: the armored doors are unique in their kind, the result of innovative technologies and tradition. For Look at Messina la Craft Craftsmanship di Doors Battleships it is a true art that is matched with time. You can even customize the chosen item for shape and size. Here we only work professionals in the industry, prepared for any event with the service of Emergency. What more will you want?

Zappia Porte Corazzate in Messina - Safety first

Zappia puts first place the security of customers with European lock exception and shutters and Doors Battleships made with pre-galvanized hot-rolled sheets and tubes. The aesthetic performance is great without sacrificing the protection afforded by the armored doors. Zappia a Messina meets the needs of those who want to feel comfortable, safe at all times in apartments and villas in town and countryside. Fear will only be a distant reminder thanks to Emergency di Zappia.

Zappia Porte Corazzate in Messina - Enchanting experience

Zappia in Via G. La Farina 188 a Messina boasts a multi - year experience in the Craft Craftsmanship di Doors Battleships. The company, founded in the 1950 by the talented Francesco Zappia, has grown increasingly in the years by developing innovative patents and techniques in armored doors e European lock, to become the example of excellence that is today. Zappia knows all the secrets of the craft and the articles they produce are proof of it. Trust yourself in a competent company, an indispensable point of reference for the Emergency. Choose your eyes closed Look at Messina.


  • Address: Via Giuseppe La Farina, 188
  • City: Messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98124
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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