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Products for Pets, Zootechnical feed e Vegetable seedlings are the main items offered to Messina from Animal Products and Zootechnical Feeds that takes care of your well-being animals with care and professionalism. Inside the shop Mr. Massimo you will find many high quality products and selected gadgets for yours puppies.

Products for Zootechnical Animals and Feeds - A sweet home in Messina for your little pets

Products for Pets, Feed Zootecnici and many accessories for yours hairy friends it is what you will find at Products for Pets, Feed Zootecnic activity born in 2015 thanks to the love that Mr. Massimo puts every day in his work. Within the activity located in Messina the staff will follow you step by step to choose the best ones premium products present on site and will take care of pampering your little ones domestic friends in a cozy and sweet home. The care and affection that owner and staff have towards the animals is well synthesized by a sentence of Martin Buber: "The eyes of an animal have the power to speak a great language ".

Articles for Animals and Zootechnical Feed - Many services for your friends in Messina

I Products for animals, Zootechnical feed and Vegetable seedlings available at "Products for Pets, Feed Zootecnic", enjoys prestigious and famous superior quality brands. Among the most famous brands of croquettes and wet we remember: Monge, Natural Trainer, Purina, Royal Canin, Exclusion, Professional Dog, Libra, Gemon, Farmina; Oasy, Hills and many others. While I feed ornithological they are Elevage and Sunbeam. Also present a wide range of pesticides including Advantix, Frontline, Seresto and dei repellent collars to the oil of neem. The customer can also find specific articles to preserve your skin puppy and make his hair stronger and brighter.

Products, Zootechnical feed and Garden seedlings - Our workhorse: Mckerk

Exclusively at "Products for Pets, Feed Zootecnic" you can find i crunchy MCKERK in various formats, with protein sources selected, particularly palatable and with the addition of high vegetable ingredients property nutraceutical. In fact in the croquettes is present: the yucca schidigera, which purifies the body and helps to reduce the stench odor; the milk thistle, which helps the digestive function; the dandelion with digestive and purifying action ei hibiscus flowers which perform important detoxifying functions.
High quality of the brand is due to the union of protein sources with a savory taste and the innumerable functional properties that adapt to the well-being of every type of dog.

"Products for Livestock Feed Animals" - Products for agriculture, ornithology and Zootechnics

For fans of the Gardening and Green Thumbs there are so many vegetable seedlings ready to be transplanted to beautify your houses and gardens. Many types of also Fertilizers, fertilizers e semi that will make yours stronger shrubs. The shop also has specific items like i certified zootechnical feeds from parent companies. Among the available brands, there are Mignini and Labichella. But many other Brands are here to satisfy any need of your hairy.


  • Address: Via Catania, 108 / A
  • City: Messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98124
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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