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Pubs Cocktail Bar Happy Hour Via Casaregis 64 red GenoVa è Pub, Restaurant, Pizzeria e cocktail Bar ideal for your evenings. young and friendly staff, quality and divertimeto sure!


Pubs Cocktail Bar Happy Hour in Genoa - Restaurant

Pubs Cocktail Bar Happy Hour in Genoa is also a restaurant: each dish is strictly made with raw materials, such as fish, carefully selected for their quality and freshness and the utmost respect for the fundamental rules of hygiene and safety that a Restaurant must follow. All the taste and goodness of dishes for all tastes at Restaurant Happy Hour of Genoa! It is the ideal place for your lunches, your dinners, your cocktails and events, if you want a Restaurant elegant and refined, but at the same time informal.


Pubs Cocktail Bar Happy Hour in Genoa - Pub

Pubs Cocktail Bar Happy Hour Via Casaregis to GenoVa it's a Pub provided where you can sample high-quality selection of brands of drinks and cocktails and especially for professional bartenders recipes that will bring out all the pleasure of a unique cocktail. A wide choice of options to suit all times of the day make the Pubs Cocktail Bar Happy Hour in Genoa the ideal place to spend your evenings with friends!


Pubs Cocktail Bar Happy Hour in Genoa - Pizzeria

Pubs Cocktail Bar Happy Hour, Specializing in the preparation of pizzas, it allows you to spend your dinners with friends full of taste. In this Pizzeria It will be served by staff who, with great courtesy and professionalism, we will put at your disposal to try to satisfy every request. impeccable service and dishes that are a feast for the palate make every dinner at the Pizzeria Happy Hour a GenoVa truly unforgettable. Not only the atmosphere of the room will make you feel at ease and relaxed, but you can choose from over 30 types of pizzas in Pubs Cocktail Bar Happy Hour.


Pubs Cocktail Bar Happy Hour in Genoa - Open daily

Pubs Cocktail Bar Happy Hour Via Casaregis 64 red GenoVa It is open every day until late in the evening to meet the needs of all customers. It is a place much loved by both loyal customers than by those of passage for cocktails and appetizers always top quality, the dishes of the Restaurant and pizzas Pizzeria Happy Hour with fresh ingredients and carefully selected. The many options for all palates have conquered many years the trust of those who attended thanks to the professionalism of the service, courtesy and sympathy. Try it also Pubs Cocktail Bar Happy Hour in Genoa.


  • Address: Via Giuseppe Casaregis, 64 Red
  • City: GenoVa
  • POSTAL CODE: 16129
  • Region: GE
  • Region: Liguria
  • Country: Italy


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