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Holidays and Tourism Agency Online solution is the most simple and Practice for Travelling in whole safety in the most beautiful tourist destinations in the World with the Best Terms, Expertise and Professionalism Recommended by Highly Qualified personnel.

Born from a brilliant idea of ​​the Hotel Manager Bruno, graduated in Tourism Sciences, now Director of the Franchising Division of the famous Holding Group, With whom Holidays and Tourism Agency has recently entered into an important Commercial partnership for Packages Travel and Holidays all over the world.

Who is a Holiday and Tourism Agency promoter?

The Promoter Holidays and Tourism Agency is a Travel Consultant that you will join in choosing the Holiday of Your Dreams and in the planning of your trip, Custom built for YOU!

Who is Agency Holidays and Tourism ?

Holidays and Tourism Agency is a Network of Promoters Travel around the world, connected to agencies and tour operators that operate on-line and off-line all over the planet. Tour Packages by Destination: Russia - China - Africa - India - Middle and Far East - Theme packages "My Sicily" "The Sicilian Baroque" - "Sicily Archaeology" - "Castles Siciliani" - "La Sicilia in the round of Gourmet" and many initiatives that take their cue from the wonders that offers L'Isola del Sole Sicily.

What can you do with Holidays and Tourism Agency ?

With Holidays and Tourism Agency you have to hand the products and the most interesting tourist accommodation more suitable to your needs, all with the speed and convenience of the Internet.
Simply by connecting from anywhere, at any time of the day or night, you can contact us and organize your trip with us!

The "do it yourself" without the effort of the "Do It Yourself" You have an expert consultant for your every dream. Do not need to waste time searching on the internet information to organize your holidays ... we have found them for YOU! We put Our Professionalism, TU your Ideas and Wish! 
Holiday and Tourism Agency wants propose Passion with the holiday that you want with all the speed, mobility and convenience that today's technology and the Internet allow!
In the Internet world, of which you yourself are part of, why would you prefer Rainbow Holidays and Tourism to other operators? Well, I can tell you that we are not so different from you, we have the same passion for travel, but most of us we've made it our profession.

Consulting and Expertise Holidays and Tourism Agency

Do not see on our sites only travel packages defaults, but first and foremost advice to 360 °. You can ask questions, ask all the information you need for your trip, bring your dreams and customize your trip to fit you!

If you are looking for the Right Solution for Travel Safety in All the Best Rates choose the competence and professionalism of Holidays and Tourism Agency.


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