Augmented Reality: Jewels and Gadgets that speak "Tredillo"

TreDillo: «The only app that animates your emotions».

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Gadgets and animated jewels that speak and give voice to your feelings: this is the revolutionary idea of TreDillo which uses aApp di Augmented Reality for smartphones to make your special moments even more unforgettable.

Jewels and Gadgets that speak for special occasions thanks to the Augmented Reality App "Tredillo"

Gadgets and Jewels that speak and come to life under your eyes, expressing the feelings related to the most important situations of your life. È this that offers you "TreDillo", theApp available for Android and IOS that changes your way of communicating. The application, created by eternet, an innovative reality based in San Giuliano Milanese, it works very simply. TreDillo it creates many jewels and gadgets How dog tags, Keychain, Magnets, Wall Stickers, Mobile covers e Supports which associates a specific symbol according to the situation for which the gadget is made. Then you only have to download the app on your smartphone and in less than no time a cute little animal will materialize and recite a screenplay based on your chosen situation. Different 10 scripts are available: Amicitia - Love - Birthday - Disappointment - Children - Brothers - Mum - Dad - Apologies - Marriage.

Gadgets and Jewels that speak: the App "Tredillo" gives voice to your feelings

Among the Jewelry to whom TreDillo can give life, you can choose between dog tags e Keychain available in Gold, Silver e Vinyl: they are bright, durable and have a pleasant effect 3D. Among the gadget that speak you will find instead: Magnets, Covers, Stickers and many customizable vinyl supports. TreDillo also allows the realization of projects of augmented reality predisposing custom scripts or new solutions that integrate:
- Three-dimensional characters animated static or interactive;
- Three-dimensional objects animated static or interactive;
- Video clips.
The 3Dillo app It also lends itself perfectly to the marketing of your company to attract, for example, the attention of the public to your stand at a fair or an event. And yet, it can be an original and effective way to make your products publicize and describe in greater detail.

Adorable little puppets that come alive and speak for you

Thanks to 10 themed scripts, TreDillo can express many different emotions: you can use it to express the feeling offriendship, Dell 'love or of disappointment; to express the affection towards mum and dad, a brother, a sister or a child. And again: to congratulate Birthday, to ask Sorry and even to make a proposal for Marriage. Every gadgets o jewel will have a default symbol based on the script for which it was made.

Not only Gadgets and Jewels: TreDillo's Augmented Reality also realizes Custom Projects

Thanks to Animated gadgets that speak and come alive you can express your emotions in an alternative way, also taking advantage of customized projects. The tenderness of our cute little animals will surely hit the person who will receive your message. Our Animated gadgets they have proven to be of great effect for those who receive them. They are innovative thanks to Augmented Reality applied to accurate jewelry and represent, to date, the only ones gadgets present on the market come to life under your eyes.


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