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Chimet, In Via dei Laghi 31 / 33 in Badia al Pino in the province of Arezzo, It specializes in Recovery and Refining of Precious Metals from Industrial Materials Scrap. Furthermore, with the of Industrial Waste Disposal It is Production of Chemicals, Catalysts and thick film.

Precious Metals Recovery and Refining Chimet in Arezzo - Tuscany Metallurgical Chemistry

Chimet is a leading, internationally, in the field of Recovery and Refining Precious Metals. In 1976, Chimet opens its first plant in Badia al Pino, Which will be followed, in the years' 80, The opening of a following Vicomaggio, Both in the province of Arezzo, A sign of the bond that has always existed between the work and its territory. The acronym Chimet means "Chemistry Metallurgical Tuscany" and still he wants to emphasize the attachment to traditional machining processes used for centuries in 'refining gold and other Precious metals. In recent years the company has developed the ecological division, a business created to manage and Waste disposal according to the latest environmental standards. To date, Chimet high-profile turns out to be a company in the field of Precious Metals Recovery and Refining of Industrial Scrap Materials.

Precious Metals Recovery and Refining Chimet Arezzo - Industrial Waste Disposal

Chimet It is able to recover and refine gold, platinum, palladium, rhodium and other precious metals from ash and scrap / rods of gold, jewelery sweepings, solutions, slag, crucibles, exhausted catalysts in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical, catalytic converters, electronic waste, dental waste, sludge. Numerous collaborations with universities, research centers and public bodies, as well as the continuing and important scientific and technological investment, have enabled Chimet to guarantee its customers the best results in Precious Metals Recovery and Refining.

Precious Metals Recovery and Refining Chimet Arezzo - Industrial Waste Recycling

The mission of Chimet It is clear and precise: to recover and refine precious metals from residues from industrial processes, in order to facilitate its recycling in the production of catalysts, thick film and chemicals. At the same time, the company is committed to dispose of them carefully, in accordance with regulations in force, the waste arising from the recovery. The Precious Metals Recovery and Refining It is characterized by:

  • QualityThanks to an advanced industrial infrastructure and absolute thoroughness of the stages of recovery and refining, the purity of the precious metal Chimet is almost absolute: 99,99%.
  • full cooperation: Chimet guarantees customers absolute transparency and the ability to fulfill all the checks during the sampling phase of the material.
  • On time: Chimet undertakes to deliver the precious metal as a finished product, after a few weeks of work and in any case within the time required by the customer.

Gold, silver, platinum, palladium and all other Precious metalsI obtained by means of the Recovery and Refining acquire certification London Good Delivery recognized around the world.

Precious Metals Recovery and Refining Chimet - Production of Chemicals, Catalysts and Thick Film

Thanks to a clever system of Industrial Waste Disposal, Chimet It is able to recycle the waste substances using them in Production of Chemicals, Catalysts and Thick Film, Reducing emissions into the atmosphere. The foresight to Chimet allowed to develop a closed-loop processing of of Industrial Waste Disposal that they are turned back into Precious metals or Chemical products without any leakage, or environmental damage. The recovery and the Precious Metals Refining has a name: Chimet.


  • Address: Via dei Laghi, 31 / 33
  • City: Badia Al Pino
  • POSTAL CODE: 52041
  • Region: AR
  • Country: Italy


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