Scrap Recovery Center "Scrap Car Center"

Recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap

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"Scrap Car Center" it is found at misterbianco, Catania, and is a specialized company in Recovery, Collection, Disposal, Recycling and Trade in Scrap Ferrosi and not, active in Sicily and Malta.


Car Center Scrapping: Recovery ferrous and not in Misterbianco, Catania

Recovery, Collection and Trade in Scrap it is the sector of competence of the "Scrap Car Center"active for years a Misterbianco, Catania with its services of Recovery e Disposal of Waste e Scrap, whether they are made of iron or made of other materials. The company deals, in particular, with the recovery and possible recycling of the ferrous scrap but it is also active in the disposal of non-ferrous waste. Specifically, therefore, the Center specializes in recovery, collection, selection, sorting and start-up al recycling waste such as waste from mechanical production or scrap, metallic or not, coming from plants and structures.


Scrap Recovery "Car Center Scrapping" - Active in Misterbianco, Catania and beyond

Il Recovery of Scrap carried out by the "Scrap Car Center"is an activity that is carried out in Misterbianco, province of Catania. But the collection operations also cross the regional borders, reaching as far as Malta. There Hurry in operation at the Center is able to compress all types of waste and scrap, as well as bulky material and objects of all sizes and materials. This because la collection di wreckage it is the main sector of specialization in which the center operates.


Rottamazione Car Center - Trade in ferrous and non ferrous scrap

The "Scrap Car Center"of misterbianco demolishes and trades wreckage, sheet metal, ferrous waste, metallic and non-metallic. He deals with the collection and marketing of wreckage of all kinds. It empties warehouses, ships, trains and manages their scrapping. Once demolished i scrap, whatever they are, He takes care of their marketing.


Recovery and Commerce Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap - Speed ​​and precision

"Car Repair Center"is known to misterbianco and throughout the province of Catania to offer an accurate service of Waste and Scrap Collection, whether they are metallic or not. The City Center is dedicated to collecting scrap from any source: mechanical workshops, shipyards, warehouses, ships, boats, trains. Save the fully functional parts that can be sold and start the rest for disposal. Courtesy, promptness and precision are the hallmarks of the company.


  • Address: Contrada Cubba, 9 / A
  • City: misterbianco
  • POSTAL CODE: 95045
  • Region: CT
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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