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Competence at the service of psycho-physical well-being

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La motor re-education aimed at the recovery of the musculoskeletal problems such as'hyperkyphosis low back pain and scoliosis is the main sector of interest to Messina the ASD Wellness Movement Center (CMB). Professionals of rehabilitative gymnastics for several years, I have been a point of reference for the postural, psycho-physical well-being and activities Fitness.


Motor re-education for scoliosis, low back pain and neck pain: CMB in Messina works for psycho-physical well-being

La motor re-education for the treatment of scoliosis e low back pain is the area of ​​competence of the Wellness Movement Center a Messina. Inside the gym only and exclusively graduate experts work in motor sciences that they got during their experience certifications and certifications in different fields. Located in one of the historic buildings of the Via Cavour, theASD CMB is specialized in the recovery of diseases of rachide e musculoskeletal. La motor re-education, in fact, it also intervenes to improve disorders affecting the stretch cervical area of vertebral column. Through individual exercises indicated on the basis of custom cards, you will be followed with seriousness and scrupulousness.


Motor re-education to re-establish problems such as hypercifosis and hyperlordosis in Messina

La motor re-education it is an activity strongly advised also to those who present accentuated curvatures of the rachide like hyperkyphosis ed hyperlordosis. CMB He spoke on the scoliosis youth and dell 'adult, and on the aforementioned postural attitudes, with methodologies of rehabilitative gymnastics. These, in fact, gradually help overcome the discomforts at a functional level and aesthetic. On the front of the problems related to foot and knee, the experts from CMB operate with gentle exercise able to progressively re-educate the joint mobility. The presence of facility proprioceptiveit also allows you to make movements that improve and restore balance.


Personal Trainer and Training Room in Messina: professionals in Motor Re-education and Fitness

Within the framework of motor re-education, in particular in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems like scoliosis e lumbago, the operators of CMB have followed several refresher courses. They also participated, as speakers, in conferences of kinesiology. THE'ASD offers a service of Personal Training and is equipped with a Fitness room in which to carry out activities of Fitness. Also in this case, you will be addressed correctly with protocols e custom cards.


Nordic Walking in Messina: the healthy activity that is good for the body and mind

La gym also offers courses in Nordic Walking. This activity is one outdoor walking "dynamically correct" that takes place with sticks, and is suitable for anyone who wants to take care of their own welfare outside. Involving over the 90% of the body's muscles, the Nordic Walking turns out one sports practice complete and effective. CMB it is a consolidated reality and much appreciated for the excellence of its staff.


  • Address: Corso Cavour, 179
  • City: Messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98122
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicilia
  • Country: Italy

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