Repair Shoes Bags Leather Goods "Dal Calzolaio"

For over 25 years Excellence in Footwear repair, Leather Heads, bags and suitcases.

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Footwear repair, Heads Leather, Bags and Cases it is the main sector in which it excels at Palermo "Dal Calzolaio". The shop is also Handmade company of leather and leather shoes and leather goods and makes numerous creations, even on request.

Shoe Repair and Leather Goods "Dal Calzolaio" in Palermo - Custom footwear

by Shoemaker, in Palermo, is a company specialized in Repair of your Footwear in record time: Courtesy, professionalism, precision and dedication to customers distinguish these master shoemakers. Furthermore, by Shoemaker, in Palermo, is a company recognized for its artisan mastery in the production of leather goods and leather goods, also on request. It also performs repair of Selle, realizes sandals to measure and is specialized in the processing of footwear of any kind, including orthopedic ones. Furthermore, it sells cleaning products as: ointments, strings, stain removers, waterproofing, polishing and vegetable fats.

Footwear Repair "Dal Calzolaio" in Palermo - Heads in Leather, Bags and Suitcases as new

Repair of shoes, bags and leather goods it is certainly the flagship activity of the store, which is able to give you new footwear as new. With the use of modern equipment and high quality materials, such as soles Vibram for the soling of shoes, by Shoemaker makes repairs not just on Footwear, But also on Leather garments, Bags, Bags and Suitcases. "From the Shoemaker ", in Palermo, It is highly qualified in Repair of Military Boots, bikers and trekking, as well as from Riding Boots. Also with regard to the riding, by Shoemaker a Palermo makes repairs Also on Halters, brackets and other accessories for the horse. In addition, for bikers, by Shoemaker specializes in the Repair of Bags and other Motorcycle Accessories. The master shoemaker makes custom leather and leather creations. He sells Belts up to XXXL, bags, purses, wallets, baby carriers and leather accessories e leather.

Since repair Footwear Shoemaker in Palermo - Artisan Mastery

by Shoemaker, in Palermo, is repair of Footwear, Leather Heads, Bags and Cases e Ditta ARTISAN of Leather in Leather and Leather. by Shoemaker realizes a lot of accessories for small leather goods to order: whatever your desire, the master shoemakers on site will realize it. Furthermore, the company creates Belts Leather and other Leathers tailored for Plus Sizes. Thanks to the great Passion and Commitment newspaper invested in this ancient craft, by Shoemaker a Palermo It is able to offer Accessories and Footwear Leather, Leather Suede by high-quality workmanship and craftsmanship with an unmistakable trait that increases the value and authenticity. Ss available for sale also products of the highest quality specially designed for foot care and footwearAs orthotics, insoles and products for cleaning shoes.

From the Shoemaker - Repair also of Hogan Footwear

by Shoemaker, in Palermo, è Accessories and Footwear Leather, Leather Suede Made in Italy and made with craftsmanship. Strong Experience and competence acquired in more than 25 years of presence in the sector, by Shoemaker It is a guarantee of Quality, Service and Speed ​​in Footwear repair, Heads Leather, Bags and Cases. by Shoemaker, in Palermo It combines the most ancient techniques with the most advanced and cutting-edge technology for the realization Handcrafted Leather and Leather Shoes and Leather Goods. You will also find a vast assortment of insoles and footbeds in Memory, leather, latex, gel and insoles for Hogan footwear, on which it also repairs, as well as on Lumberjack, boat and trekking shoes, Sneakers, hunting boots and much more. Wide availability of major brands such as Vibram, Svig and Pirelli, which further confirm the company's high quality standards.


  • Address: Via Ammiraglio Rizzo, 88
  • City: Palermo
  • POSTAL CODE: 90142
  • Region: PA
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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