"Tacco Flash" Heels and Footwear Repair - Messina

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"Tacco Flash" Heels and Footwear Repair is the shop in Historic Center in Messina that meets the needs of all those who need to repair, improve the appearance or increase the comfort of their own shoes.


Repair "Tacchi Flash" Heels and Footwear - The shop that takes care of your shoes in Messina

Repairing Heels and Footwear: it is an activity that proves to be very useful all those times that the heel of ours shoes it gets damaged or when you simply wear it for use. On all these occasions, it is not necessary to throw away our shoes, because you can bring them to "Flash heel", specialized in Messina precisely in Repairing Heels and Footwear in general.


"Flash Tacco" Footwear and Heels Repair - Where shoes know a second life

"Tacco Flash" Heels and Footwear Repair takes care of all the shoes from Donna and Man, putting in place a whole series of services and interventions aimed at giving them a second life. In particular, the services of Shoe Repair for women they concern: whole soles, summer and rubber soles, seam work, dyeing of shoes and boots, enlargements and interventions on linings. And again, you will find: suolette of skin and of leather, suede dyeing, zippers for short and long boots. The interventions dedicated to the restoration of heels of any kind are, then, particularly appreciated.


Flash Tacco: Footwear Repair in the Historic Center of Messina

The actions Shoe Repair they are also dedicated to men's shoes, providing a whole series of services and interventions aimed at improving their functionality, comfort and repairing any damage due to wear and tear. The main works concern: heels and midsoles, both in plastic and in leather; whole soles of leather and rubber, lug sole, dyeing works, heel repair, seaming and enlargement work. Here you will also find zippers, leather and leather insoles and much more.


"Tacco Flash" Heels Repair - Specialized also in Suitcases and Trolley

In addition to the interventions of Repairing Heels and Footwear, "Flash heel"offers its customers also services of riparazione di Suitcases e Trolley. Accuracy and precision are the strong points of the store and one of the main reasons for which it is appreciated by customers, in addition to very affordable prices. Friendliness and great availability complete the picture making this reality a point of reference Messina.


  • Address: Corso Cavour, 147
  • City: Messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98122
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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