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Quality in the beautiful scenery

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Ristorante Bellavista, In Circuit Torre Faro Messina, Is one of the most renowned and established Restaurants of the City. It has a beautiful view which accompanies the Fish specialties and other dishes that combine tradition and Nouvelle Cuisine. Also Receiving room for your Events.

Bellavista Restaurant Messina - Tradition and Nouvelle Cuisine

Ristorante Bellavista, In Circuit Torre Faro Messina, Is a perfect example of how to combine the unique taste of the flavors and scents of Sicily with the Innovation Nouvelle Cuisine. First e dishes seconds never dull and scontanti, but so much flavor and absolute quality. The Freshness of Fish catch of the day and the flavors of the Typical Recipes of Messina meet every day to offer their loyal customers an unparalleled gastronomic pleasure. Furthermore, the Winery boasts an extensive list of White wines Rossi and Places, National ed World and a diverse range of National bubbles ed Ester for your toast. Celebrate the Restaurant Nice view makes any Event unforgettable. Birthdays, Graduations, Communions, Weddings:Ristorante Bellavista and also Receiving room with its breathtaking view of the Straits of Messina and his culinary art, is the perfect setting for all your most important events.

Bellavista Restaurant Messina - Experience and passion handed down from Father to Son

Ristorante Bellavista a Messina, Has a Tradition Culinary that is passed on from father to son: Dad John, a big strong experience as Chef in Italy and abroad, together with his son Marcellus, who inherits from his father the passion for the beverage and is responsible to receive the best customers, provide all their professionalism and courtesy to offer a unique dining experience in its genre! Bellavista is also a banquet hall. Each dish is rigorously made with carefully selected raw materials for Quality and Freshness and Maximum Respect for the fundamental standards of Health and Safety. Furthermore, the Winery of Ristorante Bellavista has the honor of a full and varied list of White Wines and Red Local, National and Foreign Affairs, and a wide range of National and Foreign Bubbles.

Bellavista Restaurant at Messina - Quality and Courtesy

Ristorante Bellavista, In Circuit Torre Faro Messina, Has always been synonymous with taste and quality thanks to the great passion of his Culinary Chef and the use of Select Commodities always fresh. Be amazed by the flavors of Sicily with recipes that bring to the table all the taste of the fruits of this land and the sea offer. Recipes are never banal and personalized with the extra touch of the chef, served in an environment characterized by an elegant decor and a great panoramic view of the Straits of Messina, perfect as Receiving room. Obviously, all accompanied by Professionalism and from Courtesy Personnel, who will put you at ease and advise you about the dishes of the day and the wines.



  • Address: Via Circuito, Torre Faro
  • City: Messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98164
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicilia
  • Country: Italy

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