Sanitary Herbalist in Furci Siculo

Your Green Wellness.

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La Sanitary Herbalist it is a real kingdom dedicated to the well-being of the person. Opera a Furci Siculo, Messina, proposing the best products for the care and health of adults and children.

Health Herbal Medicine - Your Green Wellness

The history ofHerbalist's shop based in Furci Siculo, Messina, It has ancient origins. In fact, it collects the witness of the Antica Farmacia Spinelli, a real institution managed by those who were once called "apothecaries", considered in ancient times custodians of arcane knowledge. Later, the activity passed under the management of Agatina as Health, to be reborn, a third time, at the beginning of the millennium, in the form of the new reality. In light of this long journey, the Health today boasts a history of over 100 years, a story that makes it an excellence even outside the territory of Furci Siculo.

Healthcare Herbal Medicine - Five generations of experience at your service

At the Sanitary Herbalist you will have at your service the fruit of 5 generations of knowledge and knowledge. Knowledge that, harmoniously combined with courtesy and availability, will be at your disposal to find the solution to any type of problem for all the product sectors covered by theHerbalist's shop. Among the numerous products, there is a huge selection of herbal products from the best international brands, such as Erbavita, SpecchiaSol, Balestra & Mech, which, together with many others, guarantee well-rounded wellbeing.

Large assortment of medicinal plants and beneficial herbal teas at the herbalist's shop

Herbal Teas ed Wild berry infusions they can be a precious ally of our well-being. THE'Herbalist's shop he knows it well and for this he proposes a wide assortment, together with Officinal plants, Tea and Food Supplements, for all tastes and for every need. In that Health, is also successfully dedicated to body care. Euphidra, Frais Monde, Dr. Taffi, are just some of the brands selected for the care and beauty fused in a balanced well-being. The attention to the naturalness of the products is in first place: here the keywords are Organic cosmetics, Nickel Free, No Peg and No Parabeni, to offer a harmonious well-being that starts from bath products, intimate hygiene and body creams and comes to products for hair, skin, nail care, perfume lines and to Make up. The items sold here are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive and intolerant.

Health Herbal Medicine - Large selection of products for the home and the environment

The same care employed byHerbalist's shop in selecting the best products for personal well-being, it is also reserved for the choice of products for the home and the environment. Here you can find a wide range of natural solutions including: aroma diffusers, essential oils, salt lamps, incense and much more, to fill their spaces with warm colors and soft fragrances, morning breezes that relax the body and fill the 'soul. Even those suffering from some health disorders will find at the Health an eye for it and great attention to the recovery of its state of health. Pic Solution, Coswell, Serenity, Dual San, Dr. Gibaud, Oppo, are just some of the Sanitary / Orthopedic brands for the care, medication and management of the patient. Thus, theHealth Herbal Medicine presents itself as the kingdom dedicated to the wellbeing of the person at 360 degrees, in a natural way, implementing the saying of Aristotle"In all things of nature there is something wonderful ", become at theHerbalist's shop much more than a motto.


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