Paritaria Childhood School "The Allegro Mondo dei Bimbi"

an appreciated educational structure that offers your children a serene and welcoming environment.

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La Paritaria Childhood School "The Allegro Mondo dei Bimbi" It is in Messina an appreciated educational structure that offers your children remarkable and multiform growth opportunities in a peaceful and welcoming environment.


Paritaria Childhood School "The Allegro Mondo dei Bimbi"
A quality Educational Project in Messina for your children

Paritaria Childhood School "The Allegro Mondo dei Bimbi" represents an educational project of great value for the well-being and educational growth of your children. It is located in Santa Margherita, Messina, where it has been welcoming children aged 3 to 6 for years. Thanks to the professionals who work with great dedication, patience and competence at this Primary school, you will find the ideal environment with an educational proposal of excellence for the training of your children.


Infant School "The Allegro Mondo dei Bimbi" - Diversified activities by age groups

La Parity Childhood School "The Allegro Mondo dei Bimbi"welcomes, promotes and enriches the lived experience of children in an evolutionary perspective. Educational activities offer numerous opportunities for growth within an educational context that aims at well-being and the gradual development of skills, with particular attention to different ages. The training offer proposed by Parity Childhood School "The Allegro Mondo dei Bimbi" aims at efficiency and effectiveness goals, that is, that has an educational value with a strong impact on the territory, in order to promote the integral development of the person, active citizenship, inclusion and to guarantee the recovery and training success of all the students .


"The Allegro Mondo dei Bimbi" Messina - Paritaria Childhood with qualified teachers

One of the strengths of this Primary school paritaria it is made up of the staff, made up of teachers and managers all highly qualified in the field of Training during the childhood period. Qualified and trained personnel with considerable skills in the field of formative growth and recreational-educational activities, thanks to which they take care of all children with great professionalism. Nowadays teacher preparation is one of the main reasons why parents entrust to Parity Childhood School "The Allegro Mondo dei Bimbi"their children calmly and in full confidence.


"The Allegro Mondo dei Bimbi" - Kindergarten with many activities and workshops

Numerous services and activities made available to young guests. Between these: Pregrafismo, prefecture, prescription, English language laboratory, Motor education, Gardening laboratory, Kitchen Laboratory, Theater laboratory, Reading laboratory, Fun and creative activities, Organization and animation for Birthday parties, Psychopedagogical consultancy, Educational outputs. This varied educational and recreational offer helps to provide a service to 360 degrees for the growth and well-being of your children.


  • Address: Via Marina Santa Margherita
  • City: Messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98135
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicilia
  • Country: Italy


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