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Business Marketplace in Via Gino Capponi 35 red a GenoVa offers the services of Apartments evictions and removals in addition to being a Flea market with service Account sales where to expose your items for free.


Evictions Apartments Mercatino degli Affari in Genoa - Continuous opening hours and Removals in record time

For those looking for the service of evacuation of apartments and local, the Business Market it is open from Monday to Saturday from 9.30 to 19.30 to allow all its customers to quickly vacate homes, closets e local. Emptying bulky items that are no longer used in homes, buildings and warehouses can be an extremely stressful and tiring operation. For this, the Business Marketplace a GenoVa comes to your rescue, taking care of both eviction that the moving house di apartments and and local. It also offers a very useful service of Account sales, so all you have to do is bring the items home to get a free evaluation and start selling immediately what you no longer need. Why take up space in your home when you can use Sgomberi Apartments? Thanks to our services, emptying the spaces of buildings, houses and closets will be very simple.


Evictions Apartments Mercatino degli Affari - Removals and home delivery throughout Genoa

Business Marketplace it's a Flea market equipped for Sgomberi Apartmentsremovals notifications and home deliveries. Children's bedrooms, kitchens and much more cannot be transported alone: ​​here is the practical home delivery service available throughout GenoVa. You can sell and buy anything you want, without the stress of having to think about how to get objects, especially bulky ones, to the place where you live.


Evictions, Removals and Sales Account: the Mercatino degli Affari has a vast assortment of objects and services

Business Marketplace offers a tide of opportunities for those who sell and buy. If you opt for Account sales, you can quickly sell what you prefer. You will exhibit for free in the shop you can find articles of clothing, objects, books, furniture, household appliances, costume jewelery, quilts, bags, kits, sheets, belts, watches, comics and much more. After the sale, you will earn a percentage that varies between 50-65% depending on the item sold through the Mercatino degli Affari. If you prefer to buy, you can choose from thousands of used objects carefully selected by the staff. You will be spoiled for choice in the Business Marketplace and the certainty of always finding reliable items in excellent condition.


Evictions Apartments Mercatino degli Affari - Clearance in 24 hours in Genoa

Business Marketplace in Via Gino Capponi 35 Rosso a GenoVa is the ideal solution for anyone who needs space or needs to move in a short time. Within 24 hours, the Flea market will come to your home to examine what you want to release and, if the goods are fit, will bring it directly to the store for sale. The Sgomberi Apartments have never been so fast thanks to the dedicated service of Business Marketplace. You can give space to the new thanks to our Account sales di Business Market in Genoa.


  • Address: Via Gino Capponi, 35R
  • City: GenoVa
  • POSTAL CODE: 16154
  • Region: GE
  • Region: Liguria
  • Country: Italy

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