"LokiCar" Anti Cloning Anti-theft System

Your car has never been so safe.

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Il Anti-cloning Anti-theft System "LokiCar"is a new revolutionary system of Alarm for Cars realized and patented at the international level from Innovative StartUp "Guarneri Solutions". With LokiCar your car has never been so safe.


Anti-Cloning Anti-theft System for "LokiCar" Cars - International Patent-pending Alarm

Un Innovative Anti-theft System for Cars that is so effective as to represent the ultimate solution exists and has been realized in Italy from Innovative Technological StartUp "Guarneri Solutions". It is called LokiCar and is produced by the International Patent on the national territory, in Europe and in the United States of America. LokiCar one can define one anti-theft system revolutionary first of all because it is designed to intercept and block the reception of encrypted codes by criminals who have tried to clone them. But not only.


Anti-theft Anti-theft for "LokiCar" Cars - Result of the Search for an Innovative Italian StartUp

Il System antitheft Anti Cloning for Cars "LokiCar"is the product of Guarneri Solutions, a fruitful and fruitful Technological StartUp based in GenoVa, but whose fame has crossed national borders. Research in technological field and, in particular, in the sector safety aims to block and eradicate the possibility of any successful fraudulent attempt to transmit encrypted codes illegitimate transmitted generally after being cloned.


LokiCar only recognizes the transmitted commands combined with your innovative alarm system

The characteristic that distinguishes LokiCar is that it only recognizes the codes issued by yours Auto Anti-theft System. It also detects radiofrequency disturbers, called jammer, used to inhibit the operation of the radio controls. In case of detection of cloned code, the LokiCar Anti Cloning Anti-theft System immediately activate different types of alarm, such as sirens, GPS location, flashing lights, telephone calls and text messages. Also activate other devices like Dash cam and RF locator.


The "LokiCar" Anti Cloning Anti-theft System can be managed remotely

Il Alarm System for LokiCar Cars is innovative for many other reasons, including the ability to interface with vehicles through multiple communication channels. LokiCar it interfaces with the vehicle through serial and non-serial connections. It Includes GPS locator, a system of GSM communication, Bluetooth interface and an RF KeeLoq ™ ASL that communicates with the mobile transponder. The entire system can be remotely managed to enable or disable the circuits of interest, via mobile apps or desktop applications. Your car is so literally armored thanks to this innovative Anti Cloning Anti-theft which promises to upset the industry car safety


  • Address: Via Inferiore Rio Maggiore, 8
  • City: GenoVa
  • POSTAL CODE: 16138
  • Region: GE
  • Region: Liguria
  • Country: Italy


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