The most complete Web Visibility Offer ever seen in Italy

La Gold solution is designed as a real Mini-Site, a web page structured to attract users' curiosity and, above all, the interest of Search engine.

If you already have a Web Site: increase visits and increase popularity by making it known to more users

If you DO NOT have your own website: is the best solution to get your company online right away

A unique Visibility Service of its kind

Appreciated and recommended by over 4000 Italian companies

La Gold Multimedia Showcase it is carefully and scrupulously elaborated to show yours in an interesting and aesthetically appealing way professional activity and the type of services you offer.

Our Gold showcase is addressed to companiescommercial activities, small and medium-sized enterprises and premises of all types and sizes. Each of its elements, textual and multimedia, is modeled to enhance the strengths of your business, your skills, abilities and skills. 
Whatever the business sector to which your company or your business belongs, ours Gold showcase will be able to enhance it and will be able to optimize it to position it on Search engine, in particular Google, the most clicked by users. 
L'optimization SEO it is, in fact, our greatest workhorse: our showcases are optimized in every aspect to ensure that you are found on the Search engine whenever users search for activities like yours.


How to Have a Mini-Site
Customers look up GOOGLE typing the keyword relevant to your business. In this way, they find you easily and reach you by clicking on the result that concerns you. They will thus find an elegant one "Complete Web Page of Everything" that presents you in a professional and multimedia way and will allow you to be contacted in a way practical and direct.
Placement on Google
Professional Review
Responsive Mobile System and AMP
Double Multilingual Translator Module
Voting System with Markup
Messenger button


Custom Logo
Turn the Bring Logo Online it is very important to be recognized and to stand out from others. The TrovaWeb Team will insert the Company logo specially optimized for the Showcase. Self NOT you have it or you want it RENEW your image the TEAM will develop A specially for you completely NEW.
Addresses and Contacts
Your Social Network
Start Smartphone Navigator
Counter Views
Custom Link
Hours and Closing Day

A club reserved for companies and consumers

Publish Your Offers - Photos - Videos - Announcements - Events

The success of TrovaWeb Services lies in Simplicity of use by consumers Who are looking for products and services on the Internet and using our shop windows find a presentation Beautiful and immediate which facilitates contact with the company thanks to the presence of Multimedia buttons always at hand and practical to use, both from Smartphone thanks to the Google Instant implementation and from Computer and Tablet.

The companies that choose us can freely publish content and offers on the Club Sharing reserved for them and to get in touch with Many Consumers and Users registered in the Community who sign up motivated by Convenience of Savings but also why They earn advising their friends Products - Services and offers found on the Club

your Showcase will be automatically translated into 14 languages.

your Showcase will be automatically translated into 14 languages.

Company logo:
we will create a customized Company Logo for you.

Interactive Buttons:
Real-time communication via phone, chat and email.

Interactive Buttons:
Real-time communication via phone, chat and email.

Social buttons:
The most famous social networks just a click away.

Opening and Closing Times:
Clear and precise indications on your opening hours.

Opening and Closing Times:
Clear and precise indications on your opening hours.

Counter Views:
You will know precisely how many users visit your Showcase.

hit counter

Company Description:
the elegant and pleasing presentation will attract Google and users.

hit counter

Company Description:
the elegant and pleasing presentation will attract Google and users.


The low cost solution most appreciated by Italian companies


Real-time chat: all the major social networks available to you

Among the countless benefits that one has Gold showcase, the most appreciated is certainly the presence of the buttons that allow you to chat in real time via Telegram, Messenger and Whatsapp.
The 3 practical buttons on the Showcase will allow you to immediately get in touch with anyone who wants information about your services and products. You will thus have a simple, direct and immediate communication tool.

Addresses, Contacts and Map with navigation to be found immediately

Inside the Gold showcase, all yours are present contacts, including the address, email and telephone number to allow visitors of your Showcase to find you easily. In addition, there is a button for Start Navigation which will show the path to be taken to get to you on the maps of Google. Finding you has never been easier.

Our Club to make the most of the power of Corporate Sharing

Who chooses the Gold solution has the exclusive advantage of being able to access the Trovaweb Club!
The Club is the realm dedicated to Sharing Companies that wish to benefit from the full potential of the Sharing Community. Thanks to our Club, you can in fact publish and share in an unlimited way: photos, videos, posts, surveys, coupons, announcements, offers and promotions, and get in touch with thousands of other companies and contacts. We will take care of your registration and give you credentials for access. Then you can log in and start enjoying all the benefits of Sharing for the retention customers. Our Club, in fact, is similar to a social network, but dedicated exclusively to companies. In this way you will have the chance to get in touch with all potential customers and retain them in a simpler and faster way. The Trovaweb Club will allow you to dedicate yourself to retention customers through easy and extremely effective tools.

Our Best Business Card

"... the smile of our customers ..."

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