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Oriental Spices Tea and Infusions - Drogheria La Medina Genova

East flavors and colors

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Oriental spices from exotic lands rich in flavors, Tea and Infusions, organic honey and many artisan products: the La Medina grocery store di GenoVa it is a small treasure chest of new colors and flavors that will win you over. 


Oriental Spices, Teas and Infusions: The Medina of Genoa is an inviting crucible of flavors and colors

The Medina di GenoVa is a shop with an antique flavor that offers a wide range of Oriental spices, You e Wild berry infusions. Most of them from the East, you will find many here spices, is ground and whole, as: cumin, coriander, sweet paprika and spicy, smoked paprika, curry, turmeric, fennel, powdered garlic, powdered onions, summak, za'atar, berberè, wild pepper, pepper of Jamaica, Sichuan pepper, cardamom powder, harissa, dry harissa, powdered juniper, rosemary powder, fetid lax, habanero, nigella, beet powder and other types. Strongly scented and aromatic, together with Tea and Infusions, create an environment rich in exotic flavors and suggestions.


Combinations of Oriental Spices to give you new aromas in Genoa

Le Spices proposals at The Medina they are not limited to single ones only aromatic plants. In fact, even more combinations exist spices,, some designed and produced in the store. Between these: curry madras, sweet curry, spicy curry, plus a particular curry from the medina, i Seven Spices of Palestine, the "Ghedra" for rice, a mixture of seven spices of Middle East for the tajin, a mixture of spices from the Maghreb for the couscous, the ras hanout for couscous and vegetables, the cumin in powder for legumes and fish. And yet, other blends of spices, for shawerma and felefil. The most loyal customers also appreciate the numerous combinations of You, Wild berry infusions e Herbal Teas relaxing and energetic.


Spices are just the beginning: The Medina offers you teas, infusions, herbal teas and many organic and artisan products

A vast assortment of You, herbal teas e infusions enrich the proposal of perfumes e oriental flavors available in the Genoese store. IS also present a wide range of honey, both biological that normal, which comes from Liguria, from Sicilia, From Sardegna and from New Zealand, as the Manuka honey. In the shop it is also possible to find all types of tea e herbal teas relaxing and energetic Which: Mint tea, pomegranate green tea, tea sencha, bancha tea, samarkand tea, gunpowder tea, jasmine tea and others. Inside the shop, enthusiasts will also find crafts from Maghreb: ceramic wall plates, ceramic lamps with openwork motifs, oval plates, hand-painted tiles, glasses e objects in olive wood.


A door to the East to bring some of its precious assets to Genoa

This Grocery shop is considered by its customers an authentic treasure chest of exotic flavors. And not just for the many oriental spices or the heady combinations of You e Infusions. Put your crafts they are here an expression of oriental art and culture. The activity has opened its doors for several years in one of the oldest streets in Genoa, Via San Luca, famous for its historic shops and the ancient buildings that it houses and for the medieval and sixteenth-century doors that distinguish it. It is a shop looking like a bazar that exerts a certain charm and refers to the oriental world thanks to the antique style in which it is presented. The presence of exposed bricks combined with stones and wooden finishes, intentionally untouched, gives an exotic charm that is also evident in antique furnishings of oriental origin. The Medina of GenoVa is the most stocked store of spices, of all the Genoese historical center.


  • Address: Via San Luca, 82 Rosso
  • City: GenoVa
  • POSTAL CODE: 16124
  • Region: GE
  • Region: Liguria
  • Country: Italy

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