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Akademia Sant'Anna applies and promotes the sporting activity of volleyball with passion, enthusiasm and rigor, attributing strategic social functions to it. Through the Volleyball, the company aims to start a virtuous process of economic, social and sporting revival of the Messina area. This is the purpose of the Diamond Project: a project by identity and territorial partnership which aims to support collective growth through sport.


The Messinese Volleyball Club and the Serie A dream 

Akademia Sant'Anna is a sport Society very young who considers the volleyball not just one sports with a strong educational value, but an instrument of collective growth. Born in 2018 from the determination of a management group led by President Fabrizio Costantino, team from Messina immediately moved on a solid programming oriented to a sports course of excellence, aiming at the growth of both the volleyball movement that of the entire territorial context within which the company operates. For this purpose, he designed sports strategies and marketing diversified and also aimed at the redevelopment of the territory.


Integration, Sense of belonging, Enhancement of youth talent: here are some pillars of Akademia Sant'Anna

La women's volleyball club Messina currently plays in series B1, but it holds much greater dreams and ambitions, accompanied by ideals of indisputable social value. The company is in fact based on values ​​such as sense of belonging, integration, inclusion, solidarity, enhancement of youth talent e identity.

For this and many other reasons, the Messina volleyball club built his project starting from an innovative conception of the volleyball and a new one sports culture. A sporting culture that sees the territory in which it operates as integrated and integral factor of the project, in a perspective that sees the exchange between the different realities that compose it as an instrument of relaunch and collective growth. From this idea the Diamond Project.


Progetto Diamante: the large network of companies for the sporting and economic relaunch of Messina

Il Diamond Project is the bearer of a strategic vision that starts from sports as a privileged tool to guide growth that has an educational, social and economic value. The sports area of Volleyball, in vision about to di Akademia Sant'Anna, is considered the most suitable means to achieve the balance between sporting and competitive dimensions, and one of the few able to make individual growth also a vector of social development.

Il Diamond Project is a strategic plan that aims to find the support of 100 companies operating throughout the territory of Messina and province, to create a network in support of the great sports project di Akademia Sant'Anna. It is an initiative that also brings with it the aim of relaunching the entire provincial fabric starting from the healthy ones values ​​of sport. 100 realities of Messina that will embrace the Akademia project, in fact, will enter a network of territorial realities that will support each other, develop partnerships, favor revitalization of the city and will be projected on a national stage, thanks to the spotlights of sports.


Methods of action of the Diamond Project: from partnerships to the strengthening of B2B Circuits

Thanks to the establishment of a network of cooperating companies who share the vision, methods and objectives pursued by Akademia Sant'Anna, a virtuous path will be launched aimed at creating mutually advantageous and fruitful synergies for the Messina area. Thanks to the network and through mutual exchange, the Diamond Project aims to foster and strengthen collaboration and partnership opportunities, while building circuits B2B Zone e B2C also at a regional and national level, thanks to media strength of sport. 

Akademia Sant'Anna reserves a wide range of opportunities for participation, support and visibility on the occasion of sport events and manifestations of primary importance such as Championship of Volleyball Female.


Akademia Sant'Anna intends to lead a large number of initiatives to realize its own vision about to summed up in the motto: "There where to free one's talent for a common match: making the world extraordinary with Sport."

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  • Address: Palatracuzzi (Via Leopoldo Nicotra)
  • City: Messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98122
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicilia
  • Country: Italy

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  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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