Street Food Panelle and Focacceria Testagrossa - Palermo

Taste and goodness Palermitani all day, all day

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focacceria Testagrossa, In Corso Calatafimi 91, is the top of theStreet Food a Palermo! Buns, Panelle, sandwiches with the Spleen, Crocchè and many other tasty specialties Palermo


Street Food focacceria Testagrossain Palermo - Not only Panelle!

Big head, to Palermo, isfocacceria of excellence that every day produces exquisite andfragrant buns. Furthermore, focacceria Testagrossa It offers a varied and extensive menu of specialties PalermoFritters, sandwiches with the Spleen, Crocchè and much more to surprise you every day from Palermo and tourists with an explosion of true Sicilian Taste!Lo Street Food for excellence Palermo è focacceria Testagrossawith Buns, buns with the Spleen, Crocchè and missed Panelle Palermo.


specialties Palermofocacceria Testagrossa PalermoSandwiches with the Spleen

focacceria Testagrossaa Palermo, Is the ideal pPause, for a lunch or for a tasty break.A wide selection at your disposal, ranging for ingredients and preparations, suitable to satisfy all tastes and needs of its clients, loyal and passage. Buns, Panelle, sandwiches with the Spleen, Crocchè and many other tasty specialties PalermoThey are prepared thinking of satisfying customers, in compliance with the Quality.Not only Street Food, focacceria Testagrossa a Palermo It offers customers Fritters, sandwiches with the Spleen, Crocchè and many others specialties Palermo must try!


focacceria Testagrossa - Ithe best in Palermo in terms of Street Food!

Da Street Foodfocacceria Testagrossa, to PalermoFritters, sandwiches with the Spleen, Crocchè and many others specialties Palermo They are made to suit every palate and give little moments of taste in every break of your day.Street Foodfocacceria Testagrossa, to Palermois goodness and appetizing and tasty solutions at any time of day and for the whole city is a tasty and healthy for all meals of the day. Open all day, every day,focacceria Testagrossa, to Palermo, Represents the best of the Sicilian capital Street Food with appetizing solutions for every hour!Try the buns of various flavors, not to mention the typical Sandwich with the Spleen, A classic of Palermo, the Crocchè and Panelle greedy.


specialties Palermofocacceria Testagrossa Palermo- Authentic Taste Siciliano

focacceria Testagrossaa PalermoIt has all the best ofStreet Food thanks to the kindness of the Palermo tradition as Buns, Panelle, Panini with Spleen and Crocchè; everything always preparedalways fresh and quality products. For lunch, for dinner, for a tasty snack during the day ... focacceria Testagrossa It has always been an excellent choice for lovers of Taste and the Sicilian tradition. Not only the people of Palermo, but also tourists visiting Palermo They know the quality and goodness of specialties Palermo prepared daily by focacceria Testagrossa. The true Street Food a Palermo? Focacceria TestagrossaBuns, Panelle, sandwiches with the Spleen, Crocchè and many other tasty specialties of Palermo, every day, all day!


  • Address: Corso Calatafimi, 91
  • City: Palermo
  • POSTAL CODE: 90129
  • Province: PA
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


  • Phone: 3312812908
  • Cell phone: 3312812908
  • Cell phone: 3312812908
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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