"Dancing" Roller Shutters and Blinds - Genoa

Sale and Assistance Shutters, Doors, Doors and Gates.

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Shutters and Blinds, engines for Shutters, PVC windows Schüco, Armored doors and gates Dierre: here are the main products for which Ballanti offers for over a century Genoa Supply, Sales, Installation and Assistance services.

"Dancing" Shutters and Shutters Genoa - Sale, Installation and Assistance

Shutters and Blinds e Motors for shutters constitute the market sector in which "Ballanti" excite a Genoa since 1909, boasting more than a century of experience in the installation of blinds Of every kind. The company is pleased to offer its customers accurate and complete services that include the supply, L 'installation and also theassistance on all products marketed.

Shutters and Blinds: Sales and Assistance in Genoa - Ballanti has always proposed the best brands

Shutters and Blinds e engines for Infissi and Rolling shutter they represent only a small slice of the numerous products dedicated to the safety of your homes. Here you will find in fact: PVC windows Schüco, doors e Armored gates Dierre, Accessories of all sorts, Parts unavailable elsewhere and Motors for Fixtures and Accessories Somfy. The staff in the store will be happy to give you a free estimate for any of your needs.

Dancing - Mosquito nets, Gates and rare parts

Giuseppe Ballanti has built a solid reputation over the decades Genoa thanks to a combination of winning factors. Among these, the selection of the best products of the Best brands and particular attention to customer satisfaction, which is followed at every stage, from that of sale up to the services of installation e assistance after-sales. In addition to Windows in PVC Schüco, at Porte and Gates Armored Dierre, Ballanti also offers numerous brands for mosquito nets, including Palagina, DFM e primed.

"Ballanti" Genoa - Large Accessories and Spare Parts Warehouse

The supplier brands of Blinds e Motors for shutters they are numerous and all have a solid reputation in their field of reference. Besides Somfy, Ballanti has the brands SO e Nice that produce roller shutters, roller shutters, engines and automations. THE'installation it is one of the phases to which particular attention is paid, immediately after that of selecting the most suitable product for the customer's needs. The large magazzino contains spare parts and accessories of all sorts, even the most unobtainable ones. Also the services of assistance they are very appreciated and contribute, together with all the other services, to make Ballanti excellence in its kind.


  • Address: Via Carlo Pisacane, 17 A gate
  • City: Genoa
  • POSTAL CODE: 16129
  • Region: GE
  • Region: Liguria
  • Country: Italy


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