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THEAutotappezzeria Majolo Louis Via Michele Cipolla in 91 Palermo He spoke on the Upholstery dell 'Car to improve the coatings. It specializes in the field to Car and vehicles, in Water coatings. It also deals with construction and repair Selle.


Autotappezzeria Majolo in Palermo - Seat repair, Nautical upholstery and Saddle repair

THESelle Majolo car upholstery and repair center has everything you need to repair the seats of your vehicles. It is known that with the passage of time or as a result of accidents, seats deteriorate. Repair i coatings, Put new padding or redo just the Upholstery It is a breeze for the 'Autotappezzeria Majolo Louis di Palermo. But if you're simply tired of Upholstery and you want to change it, you can customize yours Car thanks to the skill ofAutotappezzeria Majolo Louis. The center is also the center riparazione Selle exception that carries out careful production work e saddle repair for motorcycles and scooters.


Autotappezzeria Majolo excels in leather interiors and saddle repairs

THEAutotappezzeria Majolo Louis Via Michele Cipolla Palermo It is the ideal place to treat coatings leather, also Water coatings. Without proper maintenance, unfortunately, it ruined by the years, as it is more delicate than you think. This Autotappezzeria It has the right products to take care of coatings of your Car. If you don't want your skin to get damaged or already ruined, don't despair: you can still do something to fix it.

Even the saddle scooters and motorcycles need specific attention. In fact, rain and bad weather in general can damage or wear them in a short time. To overcome this annoying eventuality, the Majolo center comes to meet you with its excellent finishing and construction works Saddles. The center intervenes with timely works of saddle repair of motorcycles, vesps and scooters, bringing them back to their original appearance and full functionality in a very short time.


Much more than upholstery: Nautical upholstery and exceptional saddles

The actions repair and customization of saddles are just as precise and accurate as the interventions of Upholstery. saddle treated or repaired here, they are made to ensure maximum comfort, as well as effective resistance to atmospheric agents. But not only: the saddle made by Majolo are also extremely beautiful to see.

In the sector ofAutotappezzeria, Majolo knows well that not only the seats need attention but also other parts of theCar. In fact, we must not forget that steering wheels and knobs are used continuously and are subject to continuous wear. You can opt for gods coatings in skin or other materials to give a new luster to yours Car. To Palermo in 'Autotappezzeria Majolo Louis It'll be spoiled for choice for the Upholstery dell 'Car. Furthermore, a Palermo it is also a leader in the field of Water coatings.


Autotappezzeria Majolo Luigi in Palermo - Painting

THEAutotappezzeria Majolo Louis Via Michele Cipolla in 91 Palermo intervenes in 360 degree in Upholstery dell 'Car. It is not always necessary to replace the coatings, Sometimes you just repair them or paint them to return to the original color, and thus save on repair. THE'Autotappezzeria Majolo Louis He fails to do so without problems and in the shortest possible time. THE Water coatings they will shine thanks to the competent staff in the sector. Trust with confidence to real experts in the field of Auto Upholstery, Saddle Repair and Nautical Coatings.


  • Address: Via Michele Cipolla, 91
  • City: Palermo
  • POSTAL CODE: 90100
  • Region: PA
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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