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Everything you need to take care of your Pet

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Tea and Luna Pet Shop a Messina, In via Santa Maria of Jesus 7-9, is a well-stocked shop dedicated to pets. A wide range of Accessories for Pets of all types is accompanied by the retail sales of Food for Pets the best brands. Fans in the industry also offer a valuable service Training Pets and the ability to choose your little friend with a Pet shop It provided many domestic species.

Pet Shop Tea and Luna in Messina - Vast Assortment

Pet Shop and Tea Luna It is in city Messina a reference point for all those who love their animals and look for them not only the best products but also accessories whimsical and fun games. From Tea and Luna you can find anything you need or that you would buy for your pets. A very wide range, from the quality guaranteed by prestigious brands on the market, is offered to customers by a team of passionate industry, able to advise you on purchases that best suit your needs and those of your pet. You can choose from a vast repertoire of Accessories for Pets (Kennels, leashes, coats, etc.) but also of fun and challenging games with items specific to your purposes.

Tea and Luna è Pet Shop for all pets: Dogs, Cats, Birds, Rabbits and Small Rodents, Not to mention the world of 'Fishkeeping with diversified feed for your fish and objects to make your unique and beautiful aquarium. To care for their four-legged friends in the right way is critical to their health and to do that you need to buy feed that best meet their nutritional requirements at all stages of their growth.

Pet Shop Tea and Luna in Messina - Everything for your Pets

Tea and Luna Pet Shop, In Messina, it has a large assortment of toys, Crates, leashes, kennels, Caging and everything you need for your pets always with great attention to Quality and Sicurezza.potrete also buy all those products useful for the treatment itching, dermatitis and problems epidemic in general, those for hygiene such as cleaning of the ears, eyes and teeth, pesticides and various accessories such as leashes, games, snacks, clothes and anything else that could make life easier for your puppy and unproblematic.

Pet Shop Tea and Luna - Training and Pet Shops

Pet Shop and Tea Luna It is the place to go to Messina, In Santa Maria of Jesus 7-9, where able to take care of your friend thanks to an assortment of well-stocked Food for Pets the top brands for quality and composition, but also of products Paraharmaceuticals Vets, to ensure your friend the best on the market for every need. Tea and Luna It is not only Pet Shop dedicated to all pets but also experience and expertise in Training Animals and Pet Shops where you can find and choose your small and trusted friend, relying on experts who choose only from animal origin guaranteed. If you love your little Pet and he want to choose better then count on the passion and the wide range of Pet Shop Tea and Luna in Messina.


  • Address: Via Santa Maria de Jesus, 7-9
  • City: Messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98121
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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