"L'Isola del Caffè" Capsules and Pods Sale

All the unmistakable Aromas and Fragrances of Coffee.

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Compatible Capsules and Pods, Flavored coffee, Herbal Teas e You are just some of the delicious drinks available at "The Coffee Island" to Messina. Here excellent ingredients and mixtures specials are available to fans of these beloved drinks.

"L'Isola del Caffè" Compatible Capsules and Pods - Sale and wide assortment of aromatic drinks in Messina

Capsule e waffles di Caffè have now replaced the use of the traditional in the hearts and habits of Italians Moka. This was possible thanks to the countless fragrances that the capsules I can guarantee. TO Messina, there is a reality that offers a large assortment of waffles characterized by intense fragrances and aromatic. It is a question of "The Coffee Island", a center that was born thanks to its owner, Alex Dell'Acqua, animated by a great personal passion for these drinks that have bewitched humanity for millennia.

Waffles, Capsules and Flavored Coffee: the center that satisfies all tastes

Compatible Capsules and Pods from the most varied combinations and from mixtures special designed to stimulate your senses. Here you will find excellent ones Flavored coffee: hazelnut, pistachio, ginseng or even the mocaccino. Without neglecting the almond coffee, the one with coconut, with gianduia, allo ginger. And it's not over here. Here, in fact, chocolate products are also available, the Cappuccino and the renowned nocciolino.

Waffles and Capsules and much more: Flavored Teas and Tea

The supply of waffles e Capsule is not limited to Caffè, but also includes numerous other beverages proposed to satisfy the most diverse tastes. Herbal Teas e Flavored teas from the scents that will inebriate your sense of smell: here you will find Draining herbal teas, purifying, digestive, relaxing, barley teas, anise, fennel, regulators, and Vitality infusions. Moreover, I am at your disposal also Flavored and Fruity Teas; worthy of particular note, in particular: the apple and cinnamon tea, fruit and ginger, berries, the classic with lemon or peach. And still the apricot tea or the highly appreciated green tea.

The most renowned brands at your disposal

L'Coffee Island, in addition to boasting a wide supply of pods and capsules in store, offers the service of Home delivery for the city of Messina. There are so many goodies and aromatic drinks which you can enjoy thanks to an unprecedented assortment in the city for variety, quantity and quality. Among the main brands available to you: Bourbon, Strait Coffee e Another coffee. To complete the assortment, also white sugar and cane sugar. Courtesy and availability are assured here.


  • Address: Via XXIV Maggio, 31
  • City: Messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98122
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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