Terms and Conditions TrovaWeb Service


1.1 The inclusion in the CIRCUIT is a SERVICE created and offered by Trovaweb srl (start-up established in accordance with art.4 paragraph 10 bis of the decree law 24 January 2015 n.3) with registered office in via Ansaldo Patti N ° 28 / 30 Messina.

1.2 It is defined as a Circuit: the set of all Web sites or Portals created, produced and put online by Trovaweb srl in place and future (hereinafter referred to as the "Circuit")

1.3 Service is defined: the creation of a personalized web showcase and the publication on UNO of the Web sites or Portals of the TrovaWeb srl circuit (hereinafter referred to as the "Service")

1.4 The use of the Service is governed by these General Conditions, which may be amended at any time by Trovaweb srl and communicated to Users in their new formulation through online publication on the circuit portals.


2.1 Subscription to the Service allows the Customer Company to be present on one or more Portals of the Circuit, with its own detailed showcase optimized for visibility and availability on the main search engines.

2.2 Inside the showcase there will be all the information regarding the Customer Company, as per the specific technical sheet on the circuit portals.

2.3 The publication on the circuit is secured within 60 working days of the request.


3.1 Trovaweb srl, to ensure the quality of its indexing services, inserts in the Circuit only commercial information that meets its editorial criteria.

3.2 Following the acceptance of these General Conditions, Trovaweb srl undertakes exclusively to examine the compliance of the information proposed by the Customer for inclusion in the Circuit with its operational guidelines and editorial criteria indicated in the following article 4. In case of a positive outcome of this verification, Trovaweb srl will insert and maintain in the Circuit the customer's data sheet for the duration of the contract.

3.3 The Customer expressly acknowledges that the request for the Service certainly does not give the right to be included in the Circuit, but only guarantees the commitment of Trovaweb srl to examine and consider the possible insertion of the showcase, within 60 days from the date of subscription of the Service.


4.1 The fee for the creation of the showcase and the publication on the Circuit is one-off and the advance is not reversible, as well as the subscription for the first year already included. The price is the one agreed upon at the time of stipulation and as expressly agreed on this contract with annual subscription, as per the specific technical data sheet on the TrovaWeb srl website, hereby submitted and expressly approved.

4.2 Trovaweb srl reserves the right to consider the service canceled if there are no previous debts of any kind; Trovaweb srl reserves the right to cancel, replace or modify the Showcase canceled or considered discontinued, by inserting new textual and multimedia contents different from the previous ones, as well as banners and advertising contents. The complete cancellation of the showcase and all the data contained therein, may be expressly requested by e-mail from the customer to the address Trovaweb@pec.ito to the address disdetta@trovaweb.it. The payment of the one-time fee for Service Activation must be made, using the method chosen by the Customer and agreed upon:

1. "NON-TRANSFERABLE" bank account check made out to Trovaweb srl

2. PayPal or Credit Card (ONLINE payment) to: amministrazione@trovaweb.net

3. Bank transfer made out to Trovaweb srl

4. Postal or MAV Bulletin addressed to Trovaweb srl

5. SDD automatic debit on current account subject to collection.

6. Transaction via POS (only upon availability of a local representative).

7. Cryptocurrency.

4.3 The payment of the fee for the renewal of the annual subscription for the Service must be made in full in advance, using the mandatory method: 1. SDD Automatic debit on current account unless successful.

4.4 Trovaweb srl will issue a regular invoice, in paper or electronic format, to the Customer, by sending the same to the mail address indicated by the Customer in the subscription form for the Service, the first issue will be free of charges.

4.5 By choosing the SDD payment formula, the customer can be facilitated by extending the amount due, agreeing on the terms and conditions of payment with the administrative department or with his / her sales representative. Trovaweb srl states that, by choosing this formula, separate processing costs will be added to the total agreed amount. For each individual payment, in the event that it is not successful, for any liability deriving from the customer, the same will be charged for further separate processing and reversal costs, according to the bank rates in force at the time of non-payment. No interest will be applied to any additional costs described above. 4.6 In the event of delayed or omitted payment of the Invoices, Trovaweb srl has the right to apply legal interest on late payments as defined by Legislative Decree no. 231 of 9 October 2002. The Applicant will receive a specific notice in the subsequent Analog Copy.


5.1 The duration of the contract concluded between Trovaweb srl and the Customer, in relation to the Service, is one year (365 days) from the date of publication in the Circuit.

5.2 In the case of Customers who have paid for the provision of the Service by credit card or SDD, the Service will be automatically renewed upon expiry of the one-year term (365 days), by debiting the relevant consideration on the credit card or bank account indicated by the Customer in signing this activation form.

5.3 In all other cases, the Service will certainly be considered renewed for the following year in case of non-cancellation by the Customer who must reach Trovaweb srl with notice no later than 60 days from the deadline. This express renewal also applies tacitly.


6.1 The CUSTOMER may terminate the Contract, without any penalty, no later than 10 days. from the signing of the same.

6.2 Trovaweb srl will keep the Customer Service in place in its Circuit until the Customer sends the request for cancellation of his shop window (no later than 60 days from the expiry of the contract) by registered letter A / R sent to Trovaweb srl registered office via Ansaldo Patti No. 28/30 98121 MESSINA bearing the subject: (Termination of the Trovaweb Service), or by certified e-mail at Trovaweb@pec.it with the subject: (Termination of the Trovaweb Service) or to the email address disdetta@trovaweb.it. Trovaweb srl will cancel within 30 days of the contractual deadline.

6.3 Trovaweb offers an additional guarantee thanks to the Satisfied or Reimbursed formula. If you are not satisfied with the purchased product, contact our Customer Service immediately on the toll-free number 800681408 or by e-mail at reclami@trovaweb.it within 30 days of your purchase, one of our operators will be happy to help you.


7.1 In order to guarantee an optimal service, TrovaWeb srl reserves the right to insert the Showcase in the category or subcategory deemed most appropriate. In doing so, in any case, it will take due account of the needs expressed by the Customer in the Service activation form, verifying its compatibility with the company criteria used to identify the suitable category.
7.2 Trovaweb srl informs that the positioning of the Showcase will not be considered definitive if 30 days have not elapsed since the date of putting it online.

7.3 The commercial information proposed for inclusion in the Circuit and accepted by Trovaweb srl will have equal treatment, if there are no additional additional services acquired.

7.4 Trovaweb srl may, at its discretion, remove the showcase from the Circuit, move it to a different category or subcategory, modify or remove any keyword, annotation or comment, at any time and for any reason, including, but not limited to, modifications the nature, commercial activity, products, services or contents contained in the showcase listed in the Circuit.


8.1 In case of rejection of the application for insertion within 60 working days, Trovaweb srl has only the obligation to contact the customer communicating the reasons that led to the rejection itself.

8.2 If, after entering the information in the portal, the Customer wishes to make substantial changes, he is required to communicate such changes using the standard ticket request form at the following address www.support.trovaweb.net so that the changes made may be included in the Circuit.


9.1 For the execution of the service, personal data may be made public within the Circuit pages.

9.2 Trovaweb srl as the "Owner" of the treatment, informs that all personal data voluntarily provided by the applicant at the time of completing the activation form will be entered in a specific Database. This Database is governed by the "Code regarding the protection of personal data. "Legislative Decree 2016/679 and ss. mod. and additions) and is managed directly by Trovaweb srl which, as the owner, guarantees total confidentiality, in compliance with the aforementioned legislation, regulations and community legislation. These data will be used for the sole purpose of submitting to the client the information and initiatives relating to the Services provided by Trovaweb srl, and commercial communications in various capacities also from third parties and any other service which is requested, according to the purposes strictly connected and necessary to the use of the same, as well as according to the functional purposes of our activity such as market research, economic and statistical analysis, sending of informative / promotional material also of third parties and updates on initiatives and offers of the Circuit and Trovaweb srl and to third party applicants.

9.3 The personal data acquired by Trovaweb srl may be communicated to all employees, collaborators and consultants for any reason of our Company, as well as to all corporate bodies and members. Furthermore, the same data may be communicated to subsidiaries or associates of Trovaweb srl.


10.1 The Service is provided "as is" and "as available."

10.2 Any guarantee against Trovaweb srl is expressly excluded and in particular, any guarantee on the operation or on the quality of the Service or on its suitability to fulfill particular purposes pursued by the Customer when compliant with the conditions of the offer of Trovaweb srl.

10.3 Trovaweb srl and the Circuit do not guarantee that the Service can meet the Customer's needs or expectations nor that the Service will be provided continuously and without interruption.


11.1 The Customer acknowledges and agrees that Trovaweb srl and the Circuit will not be contractually, extra-contractually or otherwise responsible for any damages of any nature that may arise to the Customer from using the Service.
11.2 In particular, Trovaweb srl and the Circuit will not be responsible for: all losses, direct or indirect, of profits, data, profits, incomes, contracts, activities
commercial, anticipated savings, goodwill, reputation or interruption of commercial activity deriving from or related to the use of the Service by the Customer or his inability to use the Service.
11.3 None of the provisions contained in the Contract can be interpreted as meaning to exclude or limit the liability of Trovaweb srl and the Circuit in the event of willful misconduct or gross negligence.


12.1 The Customer represents and warrants that the information it proposes to insert in the circuit is legitimate in its availability and that, therefore, has every right to give effect to this Agreement.

12.2 The Customer also represent and warrant that the content contained in their websites and data sheets are complete and accurate and that the content itself is in its legitimate and complete availability, are not contrary to legislation, regulations and other laws and applicable and not violate any law, including personal, third. The Customer agrees that, in any case, the content must comply with the editorial criteria of the Circuit.

12.3 The Customer is solely responsible in relation to the showcase, its website and the contents contained therein and undertakes to indemnify and, in any case, hold Trovaweb srl and the Circuit harmless from any and all claims, both direct and indirect, instance or action third parties in any way dependent on the Customer's breach of the obligations assumed and the declarations and guarantees made with this Agreement or, in any case, on the fact that the Customer's shop window violates the legislation, including regulatory, applicable or rights, even of a personal nature , of third parties.

12.4 Therefore, the Customer will hold Trovaweb srl and the Circuit harmless from any action or claim that may, in relation to the contents inserted, be moved or advanced by third parties, also for the exercise of the action in court, if a civil offense is detectable , criminal, administrative.


13.1 The notices and / or communications provided for in this contract will also be validly made by e-mail and will be considered received as soon as received at the addresses indicated in this article and in the Service activation form. The communications intended for Trovaweb srl must be sent to the email address comunic@trovaweb.it or by ordinary mail to the following address: Trovaweb srl with registered office in via Ansaldo Patti, 28/30 Messina.

13.2 For all press releases and public announcements relating to the inclusion of the information provided by the Customer in the Circuit, including the times and methods of such announcements, the prior written approval of Trovaweb srl is required, which reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to deny the approval of any press release and / or public announcement.

13.3 If Trovaweb srl and the Circuit do not exercise one or more rights due to them under this Contract, or tolerate any breaches, such behavior cannot be considered as a waiver of said rights or compliance with such breaches.

13.4 In the event that one or more clauses of the Contract should be declared void or ineffective by the competent judicial authority, the remaining provisions of the Contract will continue to be fully effective between Trovaweb srl and the Customer.


14.1 The Agreement is governed by Italian law, also with regard to relations with individuals, corporate entities, foreign and or stateless persons.

14.2 For any controversy deriving or inherent in the contract and its application, the Court of Messina will be exclusively competent.

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