Terms and Conditions TrovaWeb Service


1.1 The inclusion in the CIRCUIT it's a SERVICE created and offered by J & M 2000 Promotion snc. with registered office in via Archers N ° 2 Villaggio S. Agata Messina (hereinafter referred to as J & M).
1.2 It defines circuit: the set of all Web sites or portals made, produced and put online by J & M in place and future (hereinafter referred to as "circuit").
1.3 Service is defined: the creation of a customized dynamic web overview and the publication of ONE of Web sites or portals of the Circuit Trovaweb (hereinafter referred to as "Service").
1.4 Your use of the Service is governed by these Terms, which may be amended at any time by J & M and communicated to Members in their new formulation by on-line publication on the Circuit portals.


2.1 Registration for the service allows customer to the Company to be present on one or more portals of the Circuit, with its own detailed profile and optimized for visibility and availability on the major search engines.
2.2 The ad will be present all the information regarding the Client Firm, following specifications this technical data sheet on the circuit portals.
2.3 The publication on the circuit is secured within 60 working days of the request.


3.1 J & M, to ensure the quality of its services index, inserted in exclusively commercial information Circuit that meet their editorial criteria.
3.2 Following the acceptance of these General Conditions, J & M is committed exclusively to examine the conformity of the information proposed by the Customer for insertion into the circuit to their operations and the editorial criteria guidelines specified in article 4. In case of a positive outcome of this verification, J & M will put and keep the circuit in the personal data of the customer card for the duration of the contract.
3.3 The Customer expressly recognizes that the request of the non-service law certainly gives the inclusion in the Circuit, but guarantees only the J & M's commitment to examine and consider the possible inclusion of the card, within 60 days from the date of the service request.
3.4 J & M will keep the customer service in place in their circuit until the Customer will not submit the request for cancellation of their means of letter board Recommended A / R sent to J & M 2000 Promotion snc registered office via Archers N ° 2 Village S . Agata 98165 MESSINA bearing as an object: (clearing service). J & M will cancel within 30 days.


4.1 The consideration for the creation and publication service on the circuit is the one agreed at the inception and as expressly agreed on this commission with a copy of annual renewal, following specifications this technical data sheet on the circuit here subject and expressly approved.
4.2 The payment of the fee for each year of service must be made in advance wheel, through the mode chosen by the customer:
1. Check for C / C bank "NOT TRANSFERABLE" payable to J & M 2000 Promotion snc;
2. PayPal or Credit Card (ON-LINE payment) to: paypal@serviziavanzati.net;
3. Bank Transfer or Postal payable to J & M 2000 Promotion snc;
4. postal order made payable to J & M 2000 Promotion snc:
5. SDD automatic debit on current account subject to collection.
4.3 J & M will issue the invoice, in paper or electronic form, to the Customer, by sending it to the email address specified by the customer in the service, the first issue of the application form will be kept free of charge.


5.1 The duration of the contract between J & M and the Customer in connection with the Service, is one year from the date of publication in the circuit.
5.2 For customers who have paid for the performance of the service by credit card or SDD the Service will be automatically renewed on expiry of the term of one year by means of a license fee charged to the credit card or the bank account indicated by the customer in signing the this activation form.
5.3 In all other cases, the service will be considered definitely renewed for the following year if no cancellation by the customer must be received at J & M with notice of at least 60 days of the deadline expiring. This renewal is also expressed in tacit way.


6.1 The CUSTOMER may terminate the Contract, without any penalty, no later than 10 days. from the signing of the same.


7.1 J & M reserves the right to decide whether, where and in which to list the proposed card category or subcategory for inclusion in CIRCUIT.
7.2 J & M will have regard to the preferences expressed by the customer in the form of activation of the service, reserving, however, to list the card as deemed appropriate category or subcategory.
7.3 The proposed commercial information for inclusion in the Circuit, accepted by J & M will have equal treatment, unless there are further acquired additional services.
7.4 J & M may, at its discretion, remove the card from the circuit, move it to a different category or subcategory, modify, or remove any keyword, annotation or comment at any time for any reason, including, but not limited to, changes in the nature of the business, products, services or content contained in the adapter listed in the circuit.
7.5 If, after insertion of the information in the circuit, the contributions customer material changes to the information was required to notify such changes to J & M using the standard ticket request form at the following address www.assistenza.serviziavanzati.net for changes to be incorporated in the circuit.


8.1 In case of rejection of the prompt within 60 working days J & M has only the obligation to contact the customer informing him of the reasons that led to the rejection.
8.2 If, after insertion of the information in the portal, the customer inputs their substantial changes must report such changes using the standard ticket request form at the following address
www.assistenza.serviziavanzati.net for changes to be possibly included in the circuit.


9.1 For the execution of the service, the contact information may be made public within the pages of the Circuit
9.2 J & M as "Owner" of the treatment, informs that all personal data provided voluntarily by the applicant in completing the activation form will be included in a special data bank. This data bank is regulated in the "Code regarding the protection of personal data" Legislative 196 / 2003 et seq. mod. and additions) and is managed directly from J & M that, as owner, it ensures total confidentiality, in compliance with the aforementioned law, regulations and legislation. These data will be used for the sole purpose of submitting to the customer information and activities pertaining to the services provided by J & M, and sporadic commercial communications by third parties and any other service that may be required, according to the purposes strictly related and necessary to the enjoyment of the same and according to functional purpose to our activities such as market research, economic and statistical analysis, send information material / promotional and updates on initiatives and offers of the Circuit, J & M.
9.3 The personal data acquired by J & M can be communicated to all employees, contractors and consultants in any capacity of our Company, as well as all corporate bodies and shareholders. The same data also can be communicated to companies controlled or connected to J & M.


10.1 The Service is provided "as is" and "as available."
10.2 E 'expressly excluded any warranty against J & M, and in particular, any guarantee on the operation or the quality of service or their suitability to fulfill specific objectives pursued by the customer when in compliance with the conditions of the J & M.
10.3 J & M and the circuit does not guarantee that the service will meet the needs or expectations of the customer or that the service will be provided continuously and without interruption.


11.1 Customer acknowledges and agrees that J & M and the circuit will not be contractual, extra-contractual or otherwise liable for any damages of any nature that may arise from the use of the Service to the Customer.
11.2 In particular, J & M and the circuit will not be responsible for any losses, direct or indirect, of profits, data, profits, revenue, contracts, business, anticipated savings, goodwill, reputation or business interruption arising out of or related to 'use by the Customer Service or the inability to use the Service.
11.3 None of the provisions contained in the Agreement can be interpreted as
exclude or limit the liability of J & M and the circuit in the event of willful misconduct or gross negligence.


12.1 The Customer represents and warrants that the information it proposes to insert in the circuit is legitimate in its availability and that, therefore, has every right to give effect to this Agreement.
12.2 The Customer also represent and warrant that the content contained in their websites and data sheets are complete and accurate and that the content itself is in its legitimate and complete availability, are not contrary to legislation, regulations and other laws and applicable and not violate any law, including personal, third. The Customer agrees that, in any case, the content must comply with the editorial criteria of the Circuit.
12.3 The customer is solely responsible in relation to the board, to its website and contents therein and agrees to indemnify and, in any case, indemnify J & M and the circuit from any and all claims both direct and indirect, instance or action third parties in any way dependent on the violation by the customer of liabilities assumed and of its representations and warranties with this Agreement or in any way by the fact that the customer violates board regulations, including any regulatory provisions or rights, even of a personal nature, third.
12.4 Therefore, the Client shall indemnify J & M and the circuit from any actions or claims that may, in relation to the inserted content, be moved or made by third parties, also for bringing an action in court if it is apparent that a tort, criminal, administrative.


13.1 Notices and / or communications provided for in this Agreement will be validly sent by e-mail and shall be deemed received at the destination as soon as received the addresses indicated in this article and in the module Service activation. Communications addressed to J & M should be sent to the email address amministrazione@serviziavanzati.net or by regular mail to the following address: J & M 2000 Promotion snc with registered office in via Archers 2 Village. S. Agata Messina.
13.2 For all press releases and public announcements relating to the insertion of the information provided by the customer in the Circuit, including times and methods of such ads, it requires the prior written approval of J & M reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to withhold approval of any press release and / or public announcement.
13.3 If J & M and the circuit do not exercise one or more rights pertaining to them under this Agreement or tolerate any failures, this can not be considered as a waiver of those rights or acquiescence to those failures.
13.4 In the event that any provision of this Agreement should be declared void or ineffective by the competent court, the remaining provisions of the Agreement continue to be fully effective between J & M and the Customer.


14.1 The Agreement is governed by Italian law, also with regard to relations with individuals, corporate entities, foreign and or stateless persons.
14.2 Any dispute arising out of or concerning the contract and its implementation will be the competent Hole Messina.

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