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Find Consumer Web for a Real Shopping Spot.
In the vast internet network there are plenty of product and service offerings that consumers can access through their search on Engines or dedicated portals, but in many cases the offer is so vast that it can be dispersive and cause confusion in consumers.
TrovaWeb select the Best of the Best Deals Online portals, ranging from the simple purchase of a book to finish the Technology and Travel and more and makes them available at a click.

Consumers Benefits: surely buying at economically advantageous savings is certainly a noteworthy advantage, also by participating in the activities of the Community Social Shop, commenting - seeing the Offers - Uploading Photos and Videos - Inviting Friends, will have the ability to accumulate SCORE, the so-called VIRTUAL POINT which, at the attainment of certain Step, will entitle to BADGE which contain special conditions of Purchase - Savings - Discounts - Vouchers.

Finding Two Different Types of Offerings:

Offer Local Search
Offer Local Search: dedicated to Shops - Businesses - Locals - Professionals, physically on the territory who propose to the consumer with a Webshop on the Web by presenting their offers through the Community SocialShop
Web Search Offer
Get Offers on Smartphones

Consumers Choosing Us

TrovaWeb joins demand and offer: SIMPLE - FUN - INNOVATIVE !!!

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