List of Companies Incubator Companies FindWeb

List of Companies Incubator Companies FindWeb

TrovaWeb is the technological reality with a high rate of innovation registered in the Special Startup Section

A real opportunity for visibility for merchants, companies, craftsmen and SMEs

TrovaWeb is a Young and Dynamic 100% Italian Startup born from the Passion for the Web Marketing dedicated to Companies and can count on further 20 years of experience in the world of communication of its Executives and Founders.

It is an ambitious project aimed at giving visibility on Search Engines in mode Low Cost and which has met with great success in the world of Companies, in particular SMEs. Today, TrovaWeb has turned into a real Circuit Editorial of well- 7 portals, which cover practically all the needs for the publication of content on the Web by any type of business.
But there is more: al Circuit Editorial one was recently added Sharing CommunityFindWeb Club, dedicated to sharing and meeting the supply and demand of Companies - Shops - Professionals with an audience of Motivated consumers, interested and constantly stimulated by the initiatives published on the platform.

The idea of ​​having the maximum visibility possible in the searches that users do every day on Search engine in Low Cost mode and the ability to publish unlimited content on a editorial platform cured and simple to use, it has made TrovaWeb a real incubator Web Services for the Companies and of Partners who chose it. TrovaWeb offers them all the most effective tools to promote its business - products - services in Italy and worldwide.

Today TrovaWeb is one tool for strengthening your business for many companies and professionals who have chosen it and it is known and appreciated throughout Italy. Its usefulness is evident especially to consumers who use it every day by doing research on GOOGLE and consulting the results proposed by TrovaWeb, almost always positioned in the first ones 3 Search Engine Pages.

TrovaWeb offers different types of "Showcase"  designed and structured to meet the diversified needs of companies, businesses, businesses and professionals. All have in common the care for aspects related to organic positioning and attention to him SEO standards to be respected to guarantee it. Our Multimedia showcases they are within everyone's reach, made by expert personnel, and delivered "keys in hand" to the customer who will use it in complete autonomy against a very small annual maintenance, completely deductible from taxes.


The Business Showcase is made with an elegant design Landing Page complete with all the information concerning the company accompanied by all the useful tools for promotion on the Web Organic positioning on Google is our major strength that will give you all Visibility you were looking for. 

Design and Presentation85%
Simplicity Usage80%
Customer Satisfaction90%
Quality price95%


When we imagined TrovaWeb we thought we'd make the Web really simpler For all those Micro Businesses and SMEs Which at times, discouraged by costs that are not always accessible or with little experience in the industry Web Marketing, renounced to promote themselves through this extraordinary means of communication that has already made the fortune of many.

Offer Quality as an absolute value in all circumstances, also and above all for companies that do not have great resources, as we remain convinced that the trust that is given to us by the customer is an absolute value that cannot be separated from mere profit, but is best expressed through a Personal and professional relationship based on trust.

Our staff


Caterina Doddis

Businesswoman and company manager

Business Woman successful in the digital field, Caterina Doddis is a professional with numerous professional experiences behind her in the fields of Accounting, of Communication on the Web, Market research and in the financial field. Today, she is a manager and administrator of StartUp Innovative Technological TrovaWeb, promising Sicilian reality based in Messina, already known all over the national territory for its advanced services visibility online.

    The TrovaWeb Editorial Circuit is at the service of Companies and Consumers

    FindWeb, along with all its Digital Editorial Circuit, is today one of the most reliable cross-platform portals dedicated to the world of companies and Partners and among the most visited by consumers who choose it for the quality of the contents, the ease of use and the completeness of the information.
    List of Companies Incubator Companies FindWeb
    List of Companies Incubator Companies FindWeb
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