"Giacalone Mobili" Furnishings and Furnishings

We decorate your home according to your wishes.

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Furniture Design Crafts, all characterized by great functionality and aesthetic beauty: who has to furnish your home and want Furniture Productions that privilege quality above all things, know that from Giacalone a Palermo will find all this together with competence and reliability.

"Giacalone Mobili" Furnishing Design - The Wood Design Specialists

Artistic Furnishings and Furnishing Accessories designed by sailors carpenter craftsmen which have always made excellence their priority. Furniture Jacket a Palermo for over 60 years it has responded to the desire for comfort, beauty and functionality, creating the best furnishings to make your home cozy, comfortable, elegant and hospitable. The firm Giacalone boasts a long and prestigious history: active in the city since 1947, has been able to build over the decades the reputation of a serious and reliable company, composed of professionals who have made the Design and production of craftsmanship. The passion for the Furnishings made in True Wood It is a family here and has been handed down from father to son, keeping intact all the quality standards that have made the success of this reality.

"Giacalone" Handcrafted Furnishings and Furnishings - Designs by Carpenters Artisans

La Design and PRODUCTION di Craft furnishings always aims to excellence thanks to the scrupulous and passionate work of artisans e Wood Professionals. The furnishings, the solutions of Home design and Furnishing proposed by Giacalone they are, in fact, wisely designed and made for furnish with elegance all the rooms in your home: bedrooms and bedrooms, living room, kitchens, furniture for living and sleeping areas, Salons and living rooms, furnishing accessories and accessories will come to life in the minds of professionals who will follow you, who will conceive them to fulfill your every desire and need.

Giacalone Palermo - The Home Design Artisans

The team of expert designers e craftsmen present at the center, masterfully guided by Girolamo Giacalone, boasts a great strength, which consists in knowing how to combine in a synergistic way all the specific skills and abilities in which each of them excels. From this wise collaboration, which is combined with that with Architects, interior designers and experts of Home Design, they are born precious Housing Solutions e custom furniture. Another great strength of the company is its predilection for productions in Real wood. kitchens practical, functional, comfortable and efficient. Living room e zone day bright and hospitable, designed to be the quintessence of hospitality. Customers of Giacalone they can count on experts who will design the most suitable and efficient solution, but can also count on many ready-made solutions offered by the most reliable brands: Arredo3 for the kitchens, Tomasella to Bedrooms, Kids Room e Living Room.

Handcrafted Furniture, Accessories and Furnishing Accessories for every environment

Craft Factory that has succeeded in the enterprise of imposing new qualitative standards in the Design of Furniture, Giacalone also proposes numerous furnishing and accessories carefully selected and combined to give you the best living experience. Here, by example, you will also find Mattresses and pillows. The center Giacalone it is located a few steps from the Forum Shopping Center and Leroy Merlin and it is very easy to reach. Here you will find qualified and competent staff, with the desire to advise you on the best design solutions to furnish your home according to your wishes.


  • Address: Via Enrico Ferruzza, 2
  • City: Palermo
  • POSTAL CODE: 90124
  • Region: PA
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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