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Child-friendly educational project

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Nursery a GenoVa it's a Home Care Kindergarten where each gaming activity is programmed and structured based on the age of children from 3 to 36 months to meet the needs of working parents.


Nursery Home in Genoa - For the little ones

Nursery which welcomes children from 3 to 36 months with a project designed especially for them. L'Nursery in fact, with the approval of the ASL3 Genovese, proposes a path dedicated to the discovery of the five senses. Your children will develop their imagination and learn to understand how important the five senses are in everyday life. And all this having fun inside the 'Home Care Kindergarten! Every experience they experience will be a real discovery, which will be amazed with joy among the loving care of the staff of the 'Nursery.


Home Nursery in Genoa - Welcoming environment

Nursery in Genoa that is worthy of this name. In this welcoming and familiar environment with a thousand colors the children will feel comfortable. Not to mention the specialized staff of 'Home Care Kindergarten a GenoVa who knows and respects the basic needs of autonomy, socialization and cognitive-emotional growth. If you want your children to feel home, loved and protected, there is nothing better than this Nursery!


Home kindergarten in Genoa - Ad hoc menu

Power is also taken care of in the smallest detail in the "Nursery. The menu is prepared by the school catering of the municipality of GenoVa, so it responds to the nutritional needs of small children. Complete the picture of the hygiene and safety of the rooms of the 'Home Care Kindergarten di GenoVa. You can work in complete peace of mind knowing that your children are in good hands in theNursery.


Nursery Home in Genoa - The game first of all

The nursery a GenoVa places the game in the first place. Why? Because the game allows young children to learn, build their own personality and future behaviors. The nursery does not neglect the importance of playful activities and is committed to finding new ways every day to entertain its guests with the enthusiasm that has distinguished it since its opening. Playing you learn is not a banality: allow the children to discover it inHome kindergarten in Genoa.


  • Country: Italy

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