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Apericafé which is a Coffee Shop bar site a Torregrotta, Messina, Tuxedo 2.0 excels in preparing excellent breakfasts, snacks, Appetizers reinforced, Apericena and everything you need for a tasty Quick Lunch. It is also an excellent Cioccolateria and has a Sala Slot and a Tea Room.


Apericafé Tuxedo 2.0- Heir to a historic Messina gastronomic tradition

Aperitifs and Apericafé Bar di Torregrotta, Messina, Tuxedo 2.0 was born by picking up the baton from a previous pub much loved among young people in the area. It was the Tuxedo Pub, a former meeting place for young and old in Rometta Marea, which has left an indelible mark on the memories of at least one generation. In the wake of this intense and significant experience, the Apericafé, that no longer appears only as a nightclub, but as a meeting appreciated for its rich Appetizers and not only. 


Apericafé Tuxedo 2.0 - The ideal meeting place for tasty Aperitifs, Lunches and snacks

Apericafé: Aperitif Bars and Cafeteria Tuxedo 2.0 wants to spoil customers from the early hours of the day starting with an assorted breakfast. And it continues to delight the palates of its loyal customers with succulent dishes prepared to ensure a tasty Quick lunch, even at home. The experience of taste ends then in beauty in the afternoon and in the evening, thanks to abundant and delicious Appetizers reinforced and Apericena. The goodness and genuineness of all the dishes proposed, including snacks and snacks, are guaranteed by the many years of experience of the staff. Antonio ed Emanuela they welcome everyone every day with enthusiasm and a big smile, making sure that everyone is at ease in the various available spaces. For example, there is also a reserved and air-conditioned Slot Room, a smoking room, a Winter Garden and Tea room.


Bar Apericafé Tuxedo 2.0 - Aperitifs, Apericena and Chocolate

Il Aperitif Bar Apericafé always try to cuddle all the guests of the meeting preparing also sublime Chocolates and fragrant infusions. Customers have at their disposal comfortable rooms where they can relax, savoring also the many aromatic ones Herbal Teas available. Together with the Appetizers and to apericena they are some of the strong points of the restaurant.


Aperitif Bar Apericafé and much more - Catering service and take-away lunches

To be able to taste the delicious goodness offered by Tuxedo 2.0 Apericafé it is also possible for those who can not physically go to the room. Indeed, the Coffee Shop bar offers the Catering service for any need and, in particular, for those who must organize events. The service is also available Removal that allows you to withdraw and enjoy your lunch elsewhere. All the goodness of Tuxedo, wherever you are. 


  • Address: Via XXI Ottobre, 94
  • City: Torregrotta
  • POSTAL CODE: 98040
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicilia
  • Country: Italy

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