"Stellario Messina" Pastry Shop

The Sicilian Sweet Traditions and Goodness the kitchen of Grandma Angela

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Bar Ice Cream Confectionery Stellario Messina, in Via Consolare Pompea Piano Church, 6 Sant'Agata (Messina) invites you to discover the Sweet Traditions Sicilian, The exquisite Granite and Ice cream copyright. For your events, our service Catering It will amaze you with competence and professionalism. And if you want to enjoy all the goodness of Sicilian cuisine went from Restaurant Trattoria da Nonna Angela!

Bar Gelateria Pasticceria Stellario Messina - Sweet Traditions Sicilian

Pastry Stellario Messina born in 1975 and is the result of the passion and experience of its founder Stellario Messina, Pastry chef who from the beginning of its activity has dedicated himself to art pastry, also thanks to the help of his wife. The craftsmanship in the production of confectionery products Excellence is handed down from father to son and Pastry Stellario Messina is configured as a task from the exquisitely family in which its founder was joined by his sons Maurizio e Savior, Inherited the passion and experience unparalleled. There Pastry Stellario Messina It has become so in the years to guarantee quality and goodness and gained prestige in the confectionery production of the City of the Straits. The Sweet Traditions Sicilian are the highlight of the fine pastry Messina. Each recipe is made with respect for tradition and sublimated by Art pastry of pastry chefs, each cake is unique and prepared with care and passion to offer from the first tasting a small masterpiece of goodies.

Bar Gelateria Pasticceria Stellario Messina - Cafeteria and Happy Hour

Start the day with us Bar Ice Cream Confectionery Stellario Messina: Get caught by the aroma of the classic espresso, serve it with a fragrant fresh croissant, or delight in warm brioche and one of our famous ice. And in the evening the 'Happy Hour coolest Strait do it only by Gelato bar Pastry Stellario Messina! The Classic Cocktails and more original ones, the bartenders more experienced, snacks most delicious ... l 'Snack/Appetizer becomes an art to be savored, a moment of pure pleasure to be enjoyed in good company with the most tantalizing of goodness to accompany your pre dinner.

Bar Gelateria Pasticceria Stellario Messina - Catering Excellence

The Art to welcome your guests sublimated by service Catering di Bar Ice Cream Confectionery Stellario Messina. Small buffet (MAX 100 people) our service Catering organizes for the ceremony, giving the available environment with full service, or where you want our services. Not only refreshing and our staff also boasts a staff of highly trained waiters to provide the best of our service. The Catering It can be done in your home, in your office or in the most beautiful locations. Dall'allestimento to banqueting, the organization of your events will be simple and always perfect.

Restaurant Trattoria da Nonna Angela - Flavours and Tastes of a time

From experience in the Passion Bar Pasticceria Gelateria Stellario Messina the Sicilian tradition, born on Restaurant Trattoria From Grandma Angela. Each dish is prepared with care and dedication by Chef who make art Gastronomica a mission: to bring to the table the goodness and genuineness of Traditional Cooking. Few frills or culinary virtuosity, only good things, seasonal ingredients carefully selected and wants to offer customers only Taste and Quality. If you are looking for Goodness and Quality choose Bar Pasticceria Gelateria Stellario Messina Restaurant Trattoria From Grandma Angela Messina.


  • Address: Via Cons. Pompea P. Chiesa, 6
  • City: Messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98166
  • Province: ME
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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