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Hemp, Smoke and Coffee Shop offers Messina also Articles for smoking, Products therapeutic and many other innovative, effective rediscovery of the Natural Cosmetics.

Hemp Smoke and Coffee Shop - Natural Therapeutic Articles in Messina

Hemp e Natural Therapeutic Products a basis of cannabis are the original finds proposed by the Store di Messina, unpublished Smoke and Coffee Shop renowned for its broad proposal of Articles for Smokers e Cosmetics of natural origin. The active ingredient of products based on Hemp marketed by the store is the Cannabidiol CBD, known for its benefits therapeutic, antioxidants e antiinflammatory, as well as for its value in fighting anxiety, insomnia and states of panic.

Hemp Smoke and Coffee Shop - Natural Cosmetics and Articles for Smokers

Smoke and Coffee Shop with elegant and, at the same time, modern environments, it also offers a vast assortment of Articles for Smokers as: raw (bio maps), accessories Anonymous, Blunt natural, flavored papers, grinder. There are also numerous Relaxing herbal teas a basis of cannabis notes like Tea of ​​Mind o Cannabis Tea, Besides draining herbal teas, antioxidants and slimming with innumerable flavors designed to satisfy everyone's tastes. At your disposal also Energy drink, alcoholic beers e cannabis beer. Then there are all the Natural products for the Cosmetics which represent one of the main reasons for the center, which arises precisely from a strong passion for the field of Cosmetics and natural remedies for purpose therapeutic.

Cannabis Merchandising and Gastronomic Products - The Store that has it all

In addition to Articles for Smokers, here you will find numerous gastronomic products a basis of cannabis as: Cannacake muffin, Hemp flour, coffee with Essential Hemp Oil, Chocolate milk or dark chocolate with hemp seeds, cannabis chips gluten-free and for vegans, Christmas and Easter products and baskets, cannabis cookies and candy. Numerous also i custom gadgets, merchandising and articles made for special occasions, such as weddings, birthdays and graduations.

Hemp and Coffee Shop for unusual breaks

All unusual and original products available at the Store di Messina they are carefully selected and proposed to offer you some pleasant and relaxing breaks that distinguish themselves from the ordinary pauses offered by others Smoke e Coffee Shop. The modern nature of the premises and the presence of gastronomic products designed to satisfy your desire for novelty, they have contributed to making this center a trendy place much appreciated. The therapeutic effects of cosmetics and other natural finds here present then constitute the added value that makes it Store un unicum of its kind a Messina.


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