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Natale Giunta, In Via Enrico Albanian 29 in Palermo, Is a company specialized in Catering ed Events of Excellence. creative talent and high professionalism.

Catering Events Natale Giunta in Palermo - Dello Chef Natale Giunta

Natale Giunta, in Palermo, Is a company headed by Palermo Chef Natale Giunta. The Natale Giunta It is a thriving and expanding specialist services Catering, Preparation, Transport and Catering to individuals, companies and Public Company, which manufactures Events and Projects of Excellence, in which it is able to treat not only the selection and execution of recipes, but all connected and useful services for the success of any event. Natale Giunta, Originally from Termini Imerese (PA), it is one of Chef the most famous and renowned Italian cuisine thanks to its recipes that renew and reinterpret the great Sicilian culinary tradition. Accomplice of its reputation, in addition to twenty years of experience in the restaurant business was certainly the participation, from the 2005, authoritative cooking show "The cook's test". A man, an artist, a Chef who loves to cook to give emotions and lives his job as the perennial creation of works of art. The Chef Natale GiuntaThanks to its experience, has given birth to Palermo to Christmas Board: the top in terms of catering and events.

Executive Chef Claus Christmas council in Palermo - Catering and Events

Catering and Events in Palermo? Choose the most from Executive Chef Claus Christmas Junta! not easy CateringIn fact, what makes the exemplary activities Natale Giunta It is certainly the creative talent of Chef Sicilian who tells us: "When I'm in the kitchen I like to think that my dishes will excite those who taste them, to those who can be overwhelmed by the flavors, aromas and colors not only pampers the palate but also the soul; cook for me is a form of art because it is a little 'how to paint with ladles instead of brushes, the food instead of tempera and the dishes instead of tele ... and like all arts generates forms, colors and sensations and it feeds on inspiration, culture and instinct ". If you seek the best for Catering of yours Events, Relied on the best: Natale Giunta in Palermo.

Catering Events Natale Giunta in Palermo - Ambassadors of Taste Siciliano

Natale Giunta the Chef Sicilian Natale Giunta, in PalermoIs the reference point of the true gourmets and those who want a service of Catering Absolute Excellence for its Events. Committed to the continuous search for new solutions that redraw the same concept of service and customer satisfaction, Natale Giunta in Catering ed Events It is synonymous with High Quality, Staff trained and always up, partners and top-notch facilities, materials and excellent raw materials. Artist yes, but no doubt it Chef Natale Giunta It can also be defined as an excellent entrepreneur constantly updated, innate experimenter and avant-garde mentality with a great mission in life and professional: bring the Italian kitchen and Sicilian honor and pride outside the borders of our country to raise awareness of the quality of raw materials of our lands and the nutritional balance that distinguishes the true Mediterranean cuisine.

Natale Giunta in Palermo - Professionals in the Catering and Events

Catering for Events in Palermo? Contact Natale Giunta the Chef Natale Giunta, in Palermo. Natural, genuine, traditional and healthy but at the same time refined, refined and innovative: this is the kitchen of Chef Natale Giunta, A cuisine based on these essential and indispensable quality enclosed within every single dish and that you will find in Catering to Events in Casa del Natale Giunta, in Palermo.


  • Address: Via Enrico Albanian, 29
  • City: Palermo
  • POSTAL CODE: 90139
  • Region: PA
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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Happy with the choice for my special day, a unique and impeccable event. Everything was really perfect and studied meticulously to make it unforgettable for me and for all guests my event, from the elegance of the tablecloth, to the ...

Happy choice for my special day, a unique event and impeccable. Everything was perfect and minutely studied for an unforgettable both for me and for all the guests my event, elegant tablecloths, the friendliness of the waiters, to get to the cuisine of Chef that despite knew has managed to surprise all the guests for the healthy goodness and perfect combinations. This choice I would do without a doubt!

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