"Ethos A World at 4 Zampe" Cinofilo and Ethology Center

Education for Dogs and Kindergarten for Dogs.

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Cinofilo and Ethological Center that dedicates spaces and activities to the well-being of yours dogs "Ethos A world at 4 paws" it is found at Messina where it offers services of Kindergarten and Board for Dogs, natural snacks, courses of Dog training and a corner of Pastry Doggis with lots of treats for your domestic friends.

"Ethos A world at 4 Zampe" - A second home for your dogs in Messina

Cinofilo and Ethological Center fruit of a deep love for i Cani, "Ethos A World at 4 Zampe"born in Messina from the desire of the Dr. Marta Battello to create educational spaces welcoming and caring both for dogs and their owners. Its founder, the Dr. Marta Battello has decided to undertake this path dedicated toethology and all 'Canine Education, after a dense and articulate formative path that has brought her to obtain with maximum marks the Laurea Magistrale in Cognitive Sciences and the relative Ph.D. with Thesis in ethology.

Ethological and Dog-ethical Center "Ethos Un mondo a 4 Zampe" - Kindergarten and Board for your Dogs

Ethical Center offering Consulting and Courses Canine Education, Ethos it's also a welcoming one Kindergarten and board for your dogs, in which the cozy and comfortable rooms will make them feel just like at home. The passion for animals is transmitted to the doctor by her grandmother as early as in the childhood. This dedication challenges the mother's resistance and leads Dr. Marta to dedicate herself to a volunteer activity that begins around 10 years ago and continues today. The attainment of the qualification of educator Cinofilo, coincides with the doctor with the adoption of her first dog. Today she continues to take care of her beloved dogs by offering services of Kindergarten and Board for Dogs of Dog sitter.

The corner Doggis - Artisan pastry for dogs with lots of good sweets

Ethos The World at 4 Zampe also offers a tasty corner of Doggis Artisan Pastry with lots of sweets for your dogs. Here your dogs will be fed with natural snacks and healthy. Genuine ingredients and exclusive quality brands like Natural Vetal e Gappay ensure meals from other nutritional standards. It's still snacks for chewing are flanked by numerous equipment for canine use such as training bibs, car belts and mental activation games.

Pathways of Dog Education and Ethological Counseling

An expert ethologist such as Dr. Marta Battello is dedicated to the study and analysis of animal behavior to find the best ones educational paths and to guarantee the best methods to guarantee their well-being. The doctor, in addition to offering accurate and attentive services of Kindergarten for dogs, offers competent ethological advice e basic dog education courses. It also organizes Specific integration paths to allow a peaceful and harmonious coexistence between different species. Love and dedication to yours dog friends they are the distinctive trait of this reality and is witnessed by the joy of all its little guests.


  • Address: Via Garibaldi, 383
  • City: Messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98121
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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