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Fiorino Group Distribution Centre: Experience and professionalism of Generations

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Fiorino Group Ltd., With offices in 4 Messina and well 8 locations Province, It is a historian Distribution Center firmly tied to the city and the territory of Messina. With a strong tradition of family and an established partnership with  Despar Italy, group Fiorino It stands for Assortment of products, careful selection of suppliers, attentive service to customers and high functionality of the Point of Sale. The Values ​​of Quality, Service Excellence, Assortment and Promotions Advantageous are the strength of the group Fiorino.


Fiorino Group Ltd. in Messina and Province - A History of Value

Fiorino Group Ltd. boasts a history that starts with a dream and a project. We speak of a family of merchants and entrepreneurs, a dynasty founded in 1935 from Anthony FiorinoThe first step of Antonino Fiorino is starting a wholesale business based in Messina, In an area that was commercially a reference point for the nearby Calabria, but unfortunately the war of '40-'45, imposes a slowdown in the activities of the family. At the end of the conflict Antonino Fiorino gradually resume activity and 1951 constitutes the homonymous company. In 1957 takes an important change in the company's life: enters activities alongside his father one of four children of Antoninus: Rocco who will be the successor, and who led the company until 2009.

Another historic date in the chronicles of the family is the Fiorino 1973When after almost 40 years, Antonino Fiorino yields to son Rocco the management of the company. From this moment on, following one after the other important events that will gradually lead the company to its current profile of the modern enterprise Distribution Retail. In the same year, Rocco Fiorino implements a strategic and decisive for the future commercial development of the company: the entry into the Group Despar Italy. Today Distribution Center Fiorino is led by four sons Rocco, Antonino, Maria Grazia, Massimo and Serenella, that by working together are leading the company to new heights of growth and success, making the necessary innovations to adapt it to new and increasingly changing needs of the market, without losing sight of the fundamental imprint that characterizes this company: "The strong ties to a firm Family Tradition".


Fiorino Group Ltd. in Messina and Province - The Partnership with Despar Italy

group Fiorino Ltd. is today a Company Success constantly facing Innovation and injures Quality Product and Service offered to the customer. The service and friendliness of the customer are the highlight of a company that invests in the Service of Excellence focusing primarily on its employees: no employees, but people representing Fiorino srl for the most important resource to be exploited with care and constant training. The Fiorino Group Ltd. also boasts a well-established partnership with Despar Italy which accepts fully the values, the first of the Customer Satisfaction as a primary goal. In fact, the first is the heritage of Despar ClientOn the basis of this value, Fiorino Ltd. together with despar has always been committed in the constant search for quality and excellence.

Actively contribute to the improvement and development of the welfare of the community in which it operates together with the development of new jobs and the constant search for better services to offer, another element that distinguishes despar from general commercial landscape. despar, For consumers is essentially, the certainty of some values, or quality, of which you can do total trust in all points of sale with the sign of the fir tree. These values ​​are at the basis of that despar takes with its customers, are the fundamental guarantees that distinguish our brand. Quality, Freshness, Professionalism, Hospitality, Convenience, Food security, Assortment, Promotions: None of what we do, not a single step at each level of intervention, moves outside of these references required. This is the great certainty that the consumer can find in despar and that the group Fiorino has done in its own history made of Quality ed Excellence in dentistry . 


Fiorino Group Ltd. in Messina and Province - Every Day Service to the Customer

Fiorino Group Ltd., With a strong entrepreneurial tradition that has been handed down from father to son and a solid partnership with Despar Italy, Stands out as Distribution Center to Messina and Province the size of the typical family and Quality Assurance and Convenience. group Fiorino promotes the full concept of "negozi home ", specializing in fresh and capable of combining professionalism and convenience of the large organization despar with a typical family size. Quality, Service Excellence and Customer Service: these are the strengths of the historic group Fiorino.


  • Address: Via Carlo Botta, 3
  • City: Messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98123
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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