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Wine Cellars Gambaro Via Rio Torbido 1 / C Genoa it's a'wine shop selling Wines Bulk, Bottle, Liqueurs and Grappa from all over Italy. There Winery Is a family business with Bulk wine of its production to provide customers with a delicious taste experience.


Wine Cellars Gambaro in Genoa - Own production

THE'wine Cellars Gambaro Specializes in Wines Bulk, Bottle, Liqueurs and grappas Most appreciated, where you can find Bulb and Bottle Wine Of every type of Winery. The staff of the 'wine shop Will help you choose the Bulk wine for you with courtesy and competence. There Winery It also organizes tastings evenings to get to know the products of Winery To those who have never been able to taste them. The activity of 'wine shop, Initially of modest size, over the years has expanded and today offers a wide range of Wines Bulk, Bottle, Liqueurs and grappas.


Wine Cellars Gambaro in Genoa - Wines Sfusi

THE'Wine Cellars Gambaro Via Rio Torbido to GenoaThanks to the skill and passion of the staff of Winery, Represents a reference point for individuals and restaurateurs for quality, assortment and price. The staff of the 'Wine Cellars Gambaro in Genoa Is able to guide you in choosing the Bulk Wines suitable to accompany your meal. in Winery Is available both Bulk wine Of their own production of carefully selected cellars with which the 'wine shop He collaborated for years. among the Bulk Wines you find wines Red and white Liguria, Piacentini and Veneti, wines red, Bianchi e rosé Of the Oltrepò Pavese.


Wine Cellars Gambaro in Genoa - Wines in the bottle

At the 'Wine Cellars Gambaro You will then 300 types wines in bottles from all over Italy, including grappas, spirit And a wide range of national and foreign sparkling wines. THE'wine shop organizes tastings to introduce you to the best wines Of the territory, therefore what better opportunity to discover all the products of the 'Wine Cellars Gambaro a Genoa? If you need gift ideas or delicious packs spirit To add a touch of vivacity to your evenings, this is the Winery Right for you. Contact us at:Wine Cellars Gambaro.


Wine Cellars Gambaro in Genoa - Promotions

THE'Wine Cellars Gambaro Via Rio Torbido 1 / C Genoa always in Serbia for its customers special promotions Bulk Wines e spirit, Not to mention the food. While choose the Bulk wine, Let yourself also be tempted by the unbeatable prices of pasta, biscuits, jams, olive oil and other delicacies available in the "Wine Cellars Gambaro. There Winery never fails to amaze those who enter the store for Bulk Wines and spirit Delicious ones sold by 'wine shop At amazing prices. Go to see offers inWine Cellars Gambaro in Genoa


  • Address: Via Rio Torbido, 1 / c
  • City: Genoa
  • POSTAL CODE: 16165
  • Province: GE
  • Region: Liguria
  • Country: Italy


  • Phone: 3312812908
  • Cell phone: 3312812908
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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